Feminist magazines


I wouldn't call this "concise," but this appears to be a great listing: http://grrrlzines.net/index.htm

Hope this helps!

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QUESTION: Feminist magazines

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I am looking for a list of both feminist zines and feminist magazines. The publications should be explicitly feminist (e.g. Bitch, Bust, Venus, MS, F-Word). Related question: Where can I find a list of feminist on-line zines, blogs, and websites? I've Googled for the above resources but am hoping there is a concise list maintained somewhere out there. Thanks!

Shinjoung Yeo: librarian, activist, Bitch superstar

Shinjoung Yeo was profiled in the Winter 2008 issue (no. 38) of Bitch, as part of the "Bitch in: Cool Activists, Good Causes" column. It's on page. 33 and was written by Marjorie Asturias-Lochlear.

About half the article is about Radical Reference, but it also discusses feminism and race. Her fave five activist entities are listed as

Yolanda (Y the T) Retter Vargas!

Well, this is my first blog entry, and we'll see how many others i put together. Really, this entry is to post on the life of Yolanda Retter Vargas, an amazing mujer who kept me in check and made sure that i put my politics into practice whenever i was inside the archive or library, and outside of it as well. We had disagreements from time to time, but we had many more laughs. Her support made my second year in library studies much more meaningful, and made my work for this website more effective.

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