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QUESTION: If my normal work day is canceled because of weather, can I be required to work on my regular day off?

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If my normal work day is canceled because of bad weather, could I be required to work on a normal day off?

QUESTION: Inter-racial marriages by State

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What are the stats of interracial marriage in USA by State.

QUESTION: Fidel Castro Quote Verification

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I'm seeking the source of the following quotation:

"In prison, there were no rifles for training, no stone fortresses from which to shoot. Behind those walls, our rifles were books. And through study, stone by stone we built our fortress, the only one that is invincible: the fortress of ideas."

~Fidel Castro

I would like to find the primary source (speech, autobiography, newspaper article, interview, whatever it may be). If I can't find the primary source, any authoritative reference such as a reputable collection of quotations will do. I need the full citation, including page number, publisher, year, etc.

This has been particularly frustrating, because almost all references to this quote are on anti-Castro websites, none of which cite the source of the quote.

I may have more requests for help with quote verification in the coming weeks. Thank you.

QUESTION: Outdated Periodical

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Looking for copies of Women of Color News. I was fortunate to publish a poem in one of the volumes. Don't recall which one, nor do I have a copy. Thanks so much. Eileen Kaady

QUESTION: Who is my landlord?

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The super of the building we are trying to rent is trying to scam us out of money. He wont let us meet or talk to the landlord, because he is trying to pocket money and make us pay twice for the same month. Is there a way that I can find out who the landlord of the building is with just the address?

QUESTION: unGoogle-able

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Does anyone know of any project(s), or at the very least any conversations, about creating an option/algorithm wherein people who choose to be unGoogle-able, un-Yahoo-able, un-Internet-searchable can do so? Rather like being unlisted in the phone book, except one could type in one's name and request that when people type that name into the search engine, all that comes up is "unlisted," versus one's phone number, place of employment, marathon race times, etc. This is very different than taking oneself off the reverse directory or off of Switchboard.

I know that one problem would be names that are the same. Will the real Jane Smith stand up? Jane Smith Number One wants to be Googled, the more often the better; whereas Jane Smith 2 is hiding from her abusive ex-husband. Anyway, I'd like to know if other folks are discussing this perfectly reasonable option, wherein my disclosure of my information is my choice.

QUESTION: Global income inequality

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I am an educator at an international development NGO, seeking information for an activity trying to communicate to high-school and college students about global income inequality. I am looking for up to date statistics on global income distribution (per capita). Most of what I have found has been country break downs (i.e. per capita income in Algeria is X) but I'm looking for - top 10% in the world earn X, next 10% earn Y, etc. Any ideas? Many many thanks

QUESTION: Mary Schwab records

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I want to find out if the personal records of Mary Schwab have been archived somewhere. Mary Schwab was married to Rudolph Schwab (son of Michael Schwab of Haymarket fame). She was interviewed in Paul Avrich's Anarchist Voices. In that interview she mentions the 1913 Portland free speech fight and says that she has a "whole valise of material about it." I am trying to find out if that material still exists in an archive somewhere. Thanks.

QUESTION: looking for provocative quotes: universal healthcare and right to organize at work

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I am trying to gather a number of provocative quotes about two topics:

1. The need for universal healthcare, everyone's moral obligation to care for one another, and the need to address health disparities
2. The importance of workers having the right to organize at work, workers having a voice at work

These quotes are going to be given to several artists who will use the quote to paint a picture. The quotes and pictures will be put into a social justice calendar.

I am looking for a variety of voices: everything from dead prez lyrics to something margaret cho said to a blogger. It would be great if you could send me actual quotes with citations or even sources that I should peep out. Thanks

QUESTION: media coverage of 1991 riot at P4W (Prison for Women) in Canada?

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In 1991, women at P4W (or Prison for Women, Canada's only federal prison for women) rioted. Their riot was sparked by the 4th suicide of a Native woman within a 16-month time period. They barricaded themselves in the recreation room. The state responded by sending in prison guards with tear gas and attack dogs.

Where would I find media coverage (if any) of this event? (This is NOT the same as the 1994 P4W riots where a riot squad violently "extracted" sleeping women from their cells after a physical fight between the women and guards)

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