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QUESTION: the brutalization,minimization and oppression of womyn at P4W during 1988 to 1993

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I need to know how to get ahold of a tape made of the mens riot squad,brought over from KP to "apparantly...contain,restrain" these out-a-control womyn, by using brute force and engaging in the VERY illegal stripping completly naked of these womyn, not for the first time either. They just happened to get caught this turn round, and good on them. I was one of those womyn and am attending a conferance in Ottawa..University of > I realize its short notice but the conferance is for CSSDP[goto to find outmore]it will be held on NOVEMBER 7-9/ 2008 at of ottawa, pls let me know how to get my hands on it, I am a writer now ,mostly newspapers, and the like, but Im a keynote speaker and wld certainly appreciate anything else that ya may think relevant as IM a avid advocate for womyn and all taht they loose when sent their children are sentenced along with them etc..pls respond I deeply thankyou TraCY mCrAE

QUESTION: want to locate documents / rare books relating to anarchism in bay area

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im looking for documents relating to anarchism in san francisco.

who might have original editions of The Blast, for example?

This is for a video project relating to the forms and aesthetics of radical politics.

many thanks
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

QUESTION: Librarianship (distance programs/volunteering in a public library)

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I am interested in a career as a Reference librarian. Due to my financial situation, moving away for school or commuting seem both improbable, and I don't want to put my education on hold for too long...Which is why I am very interest in online/ distance programs. Which ones do you recommend?

Also, I was thinking about finally heading to my public library to volunteer. What should I look into as a volunteer?

Are there any specific courses I should take at the community college?
(I am not particularly comp tech savy)

(I received a B.A. i Chicano Studies (far from library science, right?)...I definitely would appreciate any additional help, recommendations)



QUESTION: Source/authenticity of quote from Dr. King

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Dr. King is reported to have said, "Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows." September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, for example, takes their name from this quote, and Coretta Scott King used a similar phrasing in her speech, referencing her husband. In a few places, the quote is reported as ending simply "...carving out tomorrows."

Yet I cannot find anywhere a direct reference to where this was said. The quotation books I have don't include that among his quotes, and all the references I can find online are unsourced. I know he often said similar things in different speeches, so I know different versions of the same idea might exist. My question is: Did Dr. King ever say this or something like it? And if so, when and where?


QUESTION: librarianship

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I know that in order to become a librarian, you need a Masters in library science...Is it possible to be accepted into one of these Master's programs if you have a Bachelor's from a different field? In California? Would I have to get another B.A.?

Thank you for your help.


QUESTION: Bail-outs outcomes

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This is a cool visualization on Many Eyes

Can you provide any outcomes data to correlate with these bail-outs over time? Like change in GDP or unemployment rates corresponding over years after these bail-outs to determine how effective or ineffective they may have been? Also, 1930-1933 bank bailouts, what was the cost and the results in unemployment or GDP. I heard they weren't effective at all.

Propublic is the user who created the visualization on Many Eyes.

QUESTION: "fifth column"

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I would like to know where jsmog in "Support for Hitler (or Fascism) in the United States" found the information about the Sparta MI foundry worker who killed his neighbor in 1940 because he thought he was a member of the "fifth column". My sisters and I are researching our uncle who was the man killed.

QUESTION: bigotry

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what are the best places to report bigotry in newspapers to? The specific I have in mind is bigotry against gays in an editorial from a newspaper editor who works for a large private group holding company that takes Right positions in all its editorials and coverage.

I have looked at ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center. Anti-Defamation doesn't seem to interested unless Anti-semitism. I would like to find many more outlets to send this stuff to.

QUESTION: Orwell and Bradbury Quotations

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I am looking for the sources for two highly quoted but (as far as I can tell) never cited quotations. I prefer to have the original source - that could be journal article, newspaper article, interview, authored work, etc. but I can accept a reference to a reputable quotations dictionary or other reference work. I need page number in addition to the title, publisher, etc.

The first quote is:

You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.
~Ray Bradbury

The second quote is:
If large numbers of people believe in freedom of speech, there will be freedom of speech even if the law forbids it. But if public opinion is sluggish, inconvenient minorities will be persecuted, even if laws exist to protect them.

~George Orwell

QUESTION: Nonprofit Librarian wages.

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I have a very specific salary question.
I'm wondering what the median salary and salary range for an Assistant Librarian at a non-profit special library in New York City. I think this could be easily answered with the SLA Salary Calculator or survey but I can't locate a copy or access the calclulator.

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