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QUESTION: women incarcerated for "conspiracy"

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Where would I find information on the number of women incarcerated (each year) for "conspiracy" under the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986?

QUESTION: confederate archives

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Looking for important documents, speeches, etc., by Confederates after the Civil War or neo-Confederates down to the present day! Also confederate army archives collections.

QUESTION: Is Virginia a right to work state?

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Does a Local Union have the right to work non union members? And in detail can you fully explain the answer to my question, for instance if yes please tell me exactly how it works like if you have a non union member work a show call and there wasn't a union member available is that OK? And are non union members allowed to work any shows for that matter. Can a union member force the union to work only union people? And if not available can non union members fill the call? When you go by the constitution by laws and have a trial against a member can a decision be made at the regional office with out hearing both sides of the trial? And once a member has been exspelled can the regional office force you to take them back after a majority voted them out? We would appreciate an answer to these question we really need an answer.

QUESTION: U.S. Court of Appeals ruling that prisons can use political associations to justify harsher treatment?

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In her article about control units for women, Cassandra Shaylor states that the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that prisons are free to use political associations and beliefs to justify different and harsher treatment. (An earlier, unnamed and undated court decision determined that the placement of female political prisoners at the Lexington Federal Prison in Kentucky was unconstitutional because women were housed there because of their political beliefs. The court ordered them transferred and the unit shut down)

Where would I find the name and date (and text, if possible, or more information if not) of this U.S. Court of Appeals decision?

QUESTION: civilian review boards

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How many cities in the US have civilian review boards to monitor police conduct, and when were they formed?

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QUESTION: Finding documentation of "disturbances" at women's prison in Milledgeville, GA, between 1969 and 1973

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Between 1969 and 1973, there were four “disturbances” at the women’s prison in Milledgeville, Georgia. How would I find more information and documentation (newspaper articles, firsthand accounts, etc) of these "disturbances"?

QUESTION: independent film

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How do most libraries acquire films or documentaries for patron check out? Do they order them through a few distribution houses, or do they have the choice to get them from where ever they can get them? Is there a conference or journal of some sort where libraries can see documentaries for review?

QUESTION: states with policies allowing companies to set up shop in prison?

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In a 2004 issue of Social Politics, Lynne Haney stated that 36 states have enacted policies allowing companies to set up shop in their prisons. How would I find out which states these are and, if the number of states have increased since then, which other states have enacted similar policies?

QUESTION: Films to get out to be referenced in order to get out to a wider audience

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As an independent filmmaker, how would I get my film out to a wider audience. It's well researched, packed with information and delivers it to people in a way that doesn't make them depressed. I've been touring with it, and people continually say, "This needs to get out. You need to get the word out." (Yes, I'm trying...) I'd be happy to send a copy to all the radical reference site. There's also info online at (I traveled around the world and asked people quite a lot of questions to see what they thought, then researched it to see if it was true. It seeks to get information to people before the elections so that we can have more informed debate. It also it a tool for others to screen in nationwide screening parties so that we can bridge the gap of information between the polarized sides.) How to get the word out?

QUESTION: Mercury Preservative in Vaccines and Autism

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A friend recently asked me about the alleged link between vaccines and autism, alerting me to suggestions that a rise in autism rates is due to mercury-containing preservatives in some vaccines. Info from the CDC and other mainstream sources contradicts this, but there seems to be no shortage of claims of support. How can I find and evaluate alternative sources that are trustworthy?

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