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QUESTION: intentional communities/disability

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hey folks,
i am looking for info. on which inttentional communities in the us and/or world-wide have programs or accept people with disabilities.

QUESTION: Army recruitment spam on SUNY email

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I am a college student, and recently my entire campus community received an email from an army recruiter. I know that colleges are required to allow recruiters on campus at the risk of losing federal funding, but i can't find anything regarding the legality giving away student information, in this case email addresses, to recruiters. Any information at all would be helpful.

It's a SUNY--a state school, if that matters.

QUESTION: History of Anarchism in Eastern Europe/Balkans

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I wonder if I could get some help with the history of anarchism/radical movements in the following countries:


... Obviously there has been quite a lot written on anarchism in the Ukraine and Bulgaria, but I'm finding information on other countries (especially Georgia and Armenia) quite elusive. Any help would be appreciated!

QUESTION: cocaine

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what can you do to analyse the ingredients and percentage of what is inside the cocaine that you get from you dealer?

QUESTION: Prison Population statistics and health care costs

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I'm doing a research project in which I try to estimate the cost of health care for prisoners as a function of age. The best way (that I can think of) to do this is to find the prison health care spending of each state, and also the prison population characteristics.
The question is, does anyone know where I can find prison population statistics that include age? I need this for each state, and/or the federal prison system. If someone knows how to use census data files, that might help - their summary statistics don't have enough information to be useful.
Thanks for your time.

QUESTION: Libraries, personal information collection

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Legal guidelines and ALA polices concerning the collection of personal information during registering to obtain a library card. Some information is necessasry such as a contact. But when is the line crossed into the area of invasiveness?

Can libraries research personal information on a patron such as phone, numbers, addresses, etc through online directories and then add that information to patorn records?

Can I ask for my personal records used by a particular library system, including comments made by library staff concerning myself? T

QUESTION: studies or report examining economic status of white people in U.S. prisons?

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Are there any studies or reports examining the economic backgrounds of white people who go to prison? If so, where would I find them?

QUESTION: Quitting My Job. Paycheck Withheld

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I quit my job without notice and I still have uniforms to turn in. Can an employer with hold my paycheck until I turn in the uniforms? This is not my final paycheck. I have one more coming.

QUESTION: Presidential Candidates stance on Crack Cocaine sentencing

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Did Hilary Clinton vote against enforcing Crack Cocaine sentencing changes retroactively.

Has Obama voted on the Crack Cocaine sentencing disparity and made public statements about it. and if so where are those public statements?


QUESTION: Where to find information about a hunger strike at FCI Tallahassee in 1998?

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In 1998, women at FCI TAllahassee staged a hunger strike (two of the women referred to it as a "food strike") to protest the conditions of the prison. In response, the staff first tried to break the strike by offering a steak dinner. When that failed, they pulled women out of bed and showers, shipped them to a detention center and, from there, transferred them to different prisons (both state and federal even though all are federal prisoners) across the country.

Where and how would I find media coverage about either the hunger strike or the repercussions?

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