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Bombing of Sudanese Pharmaceutical Plant

The bombing of the Al Shira (also referred to as El Shira) pharmaceutical factory took place on August 20, 1998, per various newspaper articles from the succeeding months.

From the WSJ (viewed in subscription database ProQuest Direct):

Ha'aretz Bush & God quote

This appears to be something that may be debated for a long time, depending upon whether people who were there can (or will) ever produce an actual audiotape - and to what extent we would even be able to trust the authenticity of such an audiotape.

Question: Ha'aretz Bush & God quote

In Dilip Hiro's book "Secrets and Lies," Hiro quotes the Tel Aviv newspaper Ha'aretz of June 24, 2003, reporting that Bush told Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas: "God told me to strike at Al Qaida (sic) and I struck them, and then He instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did."

Question: bombing of Sudanese pharmaceutical plant

I Need to find good evidence that the US bombing of the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Sudan was in fact a mistake. ANSWER claimed there was a Nov 1998 NYT article citing US intelligence sources who had opposed the bombing, but could not locate it.

Where to get started

I wanted to send along a couple of more ideas on how to investigate this potentially lifetime project. I looked into just the first 2, since it may be long past your deadline.

1. Post Cold-War military spending

Question: Vanzetti's Italian background

Can you tell me what part of Italy Vanzetti grew up in?

GMO trees in Chile

Genetic Engineering of Tree in Chile:

Americas (English Edition) Sept-Oct 2004 v56 i5 p40(8) (2797 words)
Conflicts of a giant conifer: long a valuable economic resource and now a tool for climate research, Chile's alerce tree endures ongoing controversy. Timothy Warren.

Format for video in Argentina.

Video in Argentina use the PALN (or sometimes listed as PAL) system. PAL stands for "Phase Alternating Line". Here's a Global Video Standard Map

Question: People's History of the US

I have a few things to ask, im putting together an essay for a very conservative teacher.. but I want it to come from a radical point of view.

The questions are from A peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn:

  1. How did Bush I respond to the post-Cold War threat to military spending?
  2. Where and why did the Reagan and Bush administrations support or carry out
    terrorist acts?
  3. Why did American business support the election of a liberal Democrat (Carter)
    in 1976?
  4. How was Carters Democrat administration similar to Nixons Republican
  5. Who benefited from Regans Tax cut and who suffered from it?
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