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When can the police demand identification

Generally, the police can demand identification under two circumstances: if you are suspected of a traffic offense, or if you are in a state with loitering laws and you are violating them.

If you are driving and are stopped by the police for a traffic violation, they have the right to demand identification.

Question: When can the police ask you for your identification?

I was about to go repelling off a suspension bridge in [place deleted]. A cop came up and told us it was illegal. We stopped setting up, and as we were about to leave, he asked all of us our names, s.s.number, address.

Question: health savings accounts

Are there any useful websites that deal with health savings accounts, bush and kerry's new plan to help people save money for healthcare issues?

Some films on democracy

The last film that was a full-hearted paen to democracy was "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (1939). "Dave" (1993) is a light-hearted fantasy with a democractic ethos at its core. Then there's "All The President's Men" (1976)--can't really describe it as about democracy, but any list of films on American politics has to include it. Some more jaundiced, Tocquevillian looks at American politics are: "Bob Roberts" (1992), "Wag the Dog" (1997), "Primary Colors" (1998), and "The Contender" (2001).

Question: clips of officials talking about the USAPATRIOT Act

Was just wondering if you might know where to find video clips of Bush or Cheney or Ashcroft speaking about the patriot act and civil liberties. Thanks for your work.

Question: feature films on democracy

I am trying to find feature films that directly touch on issues of democracy. I would prefer something contemporary, but am having a hard time coming up with anything that directly addresses democracy at all.

Answer: Backgrounder on NAB

The National Association of Broadcasters, formed in 1922, is the industry group representing commercial radio and television stations of the United States. The NAB is one of the most powerful and influential lobbying groups in Washington. In 2003, the NAB spent over $3 million in lobbying the Congress and over the past 4 years, it has given over $2.2 million to federal campaigns, almost 2/3 of which went to Republican candidates. (Center for Responsive Politics)

Question: What's the NAB and why should I worry?

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is holding their annual conference in San Diego this week. Can you tell me some background of the NAB and their issues of interest?

Question: Massachusetts gay marriage characterization by Cheney

In the VP debate, Cheney said that "in Massachusetts we had the
Massachusetts Supreme Court direct the state of -- the legislature of Massachusetts to modify their constitution to allow gay marriage." Didn't the MA Supreme Court say that the state constitution already allowed gay marriage? Can you point to an authoritative opinion suitable

Progressive RSS Feeds

Here are some sites that provide links to syndicated progressive content:

  • features a very helpful directory of RSS feeds with descriptions and links
  • features a huge directory of leftist websites including many blogs and alternative news sources
  • is a news aggregator website that pulls headlines from RSS feeds all over the web
  • Liberal Oasis (where the left is right and the right is wrong!) features a long list of links including blogs and alternative news sources; has its own syndicated content
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