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Question: Genographic Research

The GENOGRAPHIC project, organized as a research partnership of National Geographic and IBM, proposes to explore the migratory history of man by analysing mutation patterns in mitichondrial DNA and the Y chromosome. The focus will be on indigenous populations, but individuals from the general public are invited to participate by anonymously submitting two samples of DNA (buccal swabs) and a fee of $100. Some of us are torn between interest in the project and concern that this vast collection of diverse genetic material may be used in other applications (for instance, the establishment of a genetic research bank using the spare second sample...). Any insights, advice, reassurances or caveats from someone more fully acquainted with this would be much appreciated.

Answer: Habermas and anarchism


I was not able to find much that explicitly dealt with anarchism and Habermas or civil society. You also might want check to see if your library has the Alternative Press Index, they index articles from leftist/radical periodicals that a lot of the other databases/indexes do not cover.

Answer: FCC Complaints

In , you can try the “advanced search

Question: FCC complaints

I am looking for information about FCC complaints. Is there any database that lists, for example, complaints that Verizon might have filed with the FCC about other ISP's interference with their wirele

KS mutual aid, solidarity center and ARISE

The Kansas Mutual Aid Legal Collective does legal defense work for anarchists and other activists. They can be reached at 913-775-1399 or

Question: Who is "Kansas Mutual Aid", "Solidarity Center", and/or "ARISE"?

I'm from Connecticut and we just had a local young man charged with setting fire to a Bronx army recruiting office. Anywho-all the solidarity emails going around direct people to "Kansas Mutual Aid." And the only action is to send them money. Who are they? I can find no information on them. And the only references are the same: the address where to send money.

answer: "ni dieu ni maitre"

I think your search is so difficult because you are looking at a very basic tenet of freethinkers which may not be possible to pin down. Note that back then the authority of the masters or kings was claimed to derive from gods, so the exclamation is somewhat redundant. I've seen some German early socialist/anarchist texts where "no masters no gods" or so is the underlying message.

Below I'm translating a snippet about artist Andre Breton. Let me know if you run into German that needs translating. I tried a (German) search for "Weder Gott noch Herr"

Question: who funds al-manar television?

I'm researching al-Manar television in Lebanon for an article -- trying to find out who owns/funds al-Manar. I have heard Hebollah, but don't know it that's true.

Question: origin of the slogan "ni dieu ni maître"

I started out the day with a simple task: I would surf the web until I found the origin of the slogan "ni dieu ni maître". It is now roughly 7 hours later, I am bleary-eyed, and have still not been able to answer the question to my satisfaction. Help! This is how far I have come: "Ni Dieu ni maître" was the title of a publication founded by Auguste Blanqui in 1880, which he continued until his death in 1881. Do you know if he borrowed the title from somewhere else? Was it in use as a slogan earlier? Please help, this is driving me nuts. Many thanks in advance.

Question: childhood vaccinations and autism

I have a really important question to ask re: childhood vaccinations and autism, specifically the MMRP, and if there is any case law allowing a kid to stay in school without getting the vaccine OR is there a mercury-free version of the MMRP.

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