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Answered: Copyright Expirations

No, you do not need permission to reprint this for a couple of reasons:

1). It is automatically in the public domain by virtue of its being a US Circuit Court Document. Works by the US Government are not eligible for US copyright protection.

Question: copyright expirations

I am wondering if Susan B Anthony's Addresses Judge Ward Hunt in 'The United States of America vs. Susan B. Anthony' which is reprinted in 'Voices of a People's History (ed. Howard Zinn & Anthony Arnove) is something we need permission to reprint?

Question: order 81 in Iraq may provide some leads: ftaa "planting seed" gets 15 hits, and ftaa replanting patents gets 44 hits. There would appear to be a lot of opinion back and forth on this issue of patent rights and resulting license agreements to buy only from a particular supplier. It is harder to find "official" sources, partly because there is plenty of legal language in many sources that discuss this.

Question: Attacks by US troops on reporters in Iraq

This should get you started....Here are several international organizations that have information about journalists attacked in Iraq on their websites:
Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ),Reporters without Borders (Reporters sans frontiers, RSF) and International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

Question: Attacks by US troops on reporters in Iraq

Recently there's been a big buzz in the blogosphere about Eason Jordan's resignation from CNN (he claimed that US troops 'deliberately attacked' journalists). But there's been almost no investigation the veracity of his claims.

Question: Anarchism / Habermas

Are there theoretical / academic / not so academic writings that examine the links (or non links) between anarchist theory and the work of Jurgen Habermas (either his theory of the public sphere or his theory of communicative action?) Or even anything that looks at anarchism / and "civil society"?

Who is Romain Rolland?

You aren't finding anything in the Stanford catalog because "Rolland" has two l's. I did the same thing and got nothing in a quick check on Stanford's online catalog -- totally bewildering because the man is a Nobel Laureate. His books are there, though.

Question: Demographics in INS Detention Centers

Is there a way to find out the demographics of those detained in INS detention facilities? I know that different state departments of corrections and the Bureau of Justice release reports on who is in their custody.

Question: Labor Research

It would help me greatly if you could provide leads on the following:

- Specific salary and benefit information (real numbers) for nurses and nurse specialists in specific Connecticut and Eastern New York State hospitals.

More on Jeff Gannon

The bloggers have spoken and broken the story wide open!

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