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Question: Beliefs on Grand Canyon origins

Can you help me find a poll reference ( within past five years, I'm
sure) that showed up to one-third of Americans believe the Grand
Canyon was carved out by Noah's flood?

answer: breast cancer and astra zeneca

The official word from NIH is at pages in Medlineplus Drug information.

These sites clearly note that tamoxifen increases the risk of uterine cancer. For very detailed research in this, you can search PubMed for free on the web. You can try searches like: tamoxifen and "increased risk" and uterine(70 hits), tamoxifen and "increased risk" and carcinogen*(242 hits), or even: astrazeneca and tamoxifen(26 hits). Pubmed has extremely technical information, and very few articles are free online, but the many free abstracts could help you get a better impression of what the risks are.

Question: breast cancer and astra zeneca

I am trying to get information on Astra Zeneca and its conncection with breast cancer.

I have read that Astra Zeneca is the chief sponsor of Breat Cancer Awareness Month and that they are a major manufacturer of breast cancer drugs as well as agricultural chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer. I have also heard that A.Z. owns and operates a number of breast cancer treatment centres and that their primary treatment drug, Tamoxifan, has actually been linked to tumpr growth.

Question: Prison libraries directory

Is there a master list that contains the contact information of all U.S. prison libraries? I need this for the purpose of donating books to prison libraries.

QUESTION: recruitment goal numbers speculates that the military is deliberately lowering its recruiting goals in order to avoid continuing shortfalls (i.e., we made our goal even though we lowered it)

Question: Social Security and young people

I am looking to put together a video segment about the opinions of young people regarding Bush's proposed Social Security changes/rollbacks. Does anyone know where I can find this type of video dealing specifically with youth and SS?

Answer: US Debt

"The U.S. Public Debt, commonly called the national debt or the gross federal debt, is the amount of money owed by the United States federal government. This does not include the money owed by states, corporations, or individuals." (Source: Wikipedia, "U.S. Public Debt")

Current debt as of 9 June 2005 is $7,799,659,687,041.37. (Source: Bureau of the Public Debt, "The Debt to the Penny")


How much does the United States owe to other countries, and how much to each one as of 2005 or most recent date?


I chanced upon your page regarding a query about Ray Kelly having a 20-year old child. It caught my interest as I have never actually been able to access data regarding Comissioner R. Kelly's date of birth. Do you have such information? I have been trying to get this info for about 3 years, but it has eluded me!!

Answer: NYC Radical Lending Library

First response:
I'm looking into your query. One thing you can do while I ask around is to check both LEO and CATNYP to see if your materials are already represented in the collections. Skip CATNYP if a non-lending library is unacceptable.

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