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QUESTION: Presidential Candidates stance on Crack Cocaine sentencing

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Did Hilary Clinton vote against enforcing Crack Cocaine sentencing changes retroactively.

Has Obama voted on the Crack Cocaine sentencing disparity and made public statements about it. and if so where are those public statements?


QUESTION: Where to find information about a hunger strike at FCI Tallahassee in 1998?

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In 1998, women at FCI TAllahassee staged a hunger strike (two of the women referred to it as a "food strike") to protest the conditions of the prison. In response, the staff first tried to break the strike by offering a steak dinner. When that failed, they pulled women out of bed and showers, shipped them to a detention center and, from there, transferred them to different prisons (both state and federal even though all are federal prisoners) across the country.

Where and how would I find media coverage about either the hunger strike or the repercussions?

QUESTION: cervical self-exam how-to

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i need detailed, accessible information on how to give oneself a cervical self-exam. books, zines, and especially downloadable internet resources. thanks!

QUESTION: Clinton and McCain voting history on Iraq and Afghanistan war

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How have Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama voted on key pieces of legislation authorizing spending on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? The top 10 or 15 spending bills would be sufficient to establish a pattern.

I'm a member of the Int'l Socialist Organization and we would like to use this information on our signs.

This research should go back to the beginning of the Iraq War, since neither Clinton nor Obama were Senators in 2001 when the war in Afghanistan was launched.

QUESTION: termination

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If someone verbally gives two weeks notice, can I ask them to leave earlier than the two weeks if I feel they are causing problems for my other staff?

QUESTION: income tax

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I am married but living separate, no children, no legal separation, Can i claim head of household on my income tax

QUESTION: Natural Building Books in NYC

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My partner and I are interested in natural building using cob, straw bales, and other techniques. We are trying to find a good collection of books on sustainable and alternative building methods that we could browse through and where, ideally, we would be able to borrow books. Is there a library or other resource in NYC for this kind of stuff? And are there are any places that offer workshops on these techniques here or nearby?

Thanks in advance for your help!

QUESTION: Political Science Text Recommendations

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What essential reading material (text books) are recommended for political science, history, chicano studies, and economics for college undergrads??

ADDITIONAL INFO: major texts are fine, as well as nonfiction, and I'd love to hear from radical perspectives (preferrably from the most respected and lucid radical authorities of said subjects). By History, I mean the history of the U.S.. I'd say Political science, history, and Chicano studies are my top priorities.


QUESTION: finding a case against Arkansas prison & Correctional Medical Services about shackling prisoners in labor

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In 2003, Shawanna Nelson, a pregnant prisoner in Arkansas, went into labor and gave birth while shackled. She filed a lawsuit against prison officials and Correctional Medical Services to abolish the practice of shackling women while they are in labor. Supposedly, the Arkansas department of corrections compromised and is now using nylon restraints on laboring prisoners instead of metal shackles and an 18-inch chain.

Where would I find the name of the lawsuit she filed and how far it got in the court system before it was dropped/settled?

QUESTION: Czech Anarchists, Iranian Anarchism

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I am trying to locate any information on two Czech anarchists: Michal Mares and Michal Kacha, as well as any information on anarchism in Iran.