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QUESTION: finding an instance cited in a court ruling (Overton v Bazzetta, U.S. Court of Appeals)

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In the U.S. Court of Appeals decision in Overton V. Bazzetta, the opinion referenced an incident that happened in a prison: "Visitors were assigned specific seats or tables and were expected to remain where assigned. However, these expectations often were not realized. This was particularly true with respect to child visitors, who often left their assigned position and mingled wiht other children or even with other prisoners. It was during such a wandering period that a 3-year-old child was sexually assaulted by an inmate, an incident that the district judge described as a 'public relations disaster' and Bolden [Daniel Bolden, Deputy Director for the Bureau of Correctional Facilities] termed 'a nightmare.'"

HOw or where would I find out in what prison this occurred?

QUESTION: Radical-friendly MLS program?

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Hey there. I'm looking at MLS/MLIS/etc. programs and would like to know which, if any, library schools are particularly friendly to the aspiring radical librarian. I am interested in rural libraries, so I'm particularly concerned with developing the skills necessary to make radical programming (& collection development) work in conservative communities.

More generally, did your MLIS program help you to develop the practical skills you've needed in your work, rather than just discussing theory?

QUESTION: Leadership Development for social change programs

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Can you suggest possible sources of information about leadership development programs in the United States and internationally that focus on leadership for social change, social movement building and/or public interest leadership (as distinct from programs focused on leadership in management or industry). One use of this information is to begin the development of a global database of socially conscious and progressive leadership develpment programs. Hope you can help. Thank you.

GIS mapping resources and data sets for U.S. social, economic, environmental justice indicators and demographic trends

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Greetings -

Looking for free or relatively low cost GIS mapping resources and data sets that could be used for mapping a range of social, economic and environmental justice indicators and other demographic trends in the United States. We're looking to produce both national and selected maps. The target list of states to highlight include Washington, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Mississippi, Georgia and North Carolina. Thanks always to Radical Reference, for this great service and the spirit in which it is provided.

QUESTION: how would I find the final decision in the case Neal v. MDOC?

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In 1996, the class-action lawsuit Neal v. MDOC was filed on behalf of women prisoners in Michigan. I've found several references of the case in articles in prison journals on-line, but nothing that has stated the final outcome of the case. Where would I look to find the most recent (or final) decision of a case?

QUESTION: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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In 1993, what 3 senators voted against Ruth Bader Ginsberg's confirmation to the Supreme Court?

QUESTION: Video Archives

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It seems as though there are no listings on your site for librarians to find radical videos to add to their libraries. Paper Tiger Television has an AMAZING archive of videos that challenge mainstream media and education. I would love to see their catalog link to this page. Our organization, Deep Dish TV, also has a very powerful catalog. One of the dream projects on creating an anti-racism shelf could be created out of our programming alone. You would be amazed at all the materials you would find. And there are so many other groups as well... Have you thought about adding something like that? I'm sure Paper Tiger and Deep Dish would be able to help.

QUESTION: Trying to Verify Gandhi & Sinclair Lewis Quotes

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I am trying to verify the accuracy and source of two often-cited quotations:

1. “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Next they fight you. Then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Did Gandhi actually say this? Do you know when?

2. “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." - Sinclair Lewis

Is this actually a Sinclair Lewis quote (sometimes it is credited to Huey Long); if if it Lewis when did he write it?

QUESTION: Scottish co-produced films

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Can you tell me any information regarding Scottish Screen's involvement, and/or Scottish funding in the production of either the film 'The Last King of Scotland' or the film 'Red Road'?

QUESTION: Youth aging out of Foster Care in CA counties

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I need to find some basic statistics on the number of foster care youth aging out of the foster care system in counties in California. I think there are state-wide figures available, but I really would like to be able say that "x number of kids age out of foster care in Los Angeles county. This represents y of California's total population of such foster care kids, which total z." In other words, I need to know x, y, and z.
Thank you!