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QUESTION: altgeld gardens and environmental injustice

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i am doing a research project on altgeld gardens, the community that was established near chicago for returning african american solders (from WWII, i believe). it is also, i'm told, one of the worst environmental justice cases in the united states (with a large proportion of chicago's waste going there). unfortunately, i've reached a dead end in my research. do you know of any links/articles that reference the history of altgeld gardens or current community activism in this area?

QUESTION: origin of expression "It's a Gas"

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What is origin of expression "It's a Gas"?

QUESTION: US Trade Statistics

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i am struggling trying to find import vs use statistics. i would like, for example, to figure out how much steel we use in america vs how much steel is imported from latin america. i've only been able to find a website called the "trade stats express", and it is not super helpful. any other ideas?

QUESTION: Help finding research on personal and social transformation

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a) where can I find research, articles etc that support the usefulness of using meditation, personal awareness and healing methods, embodied practices etc to empower sustainable social change and/or anti-oppression work?

Another way of putting this, research etc that validates that personal and social transformation are more powerful/effective when combined.

b) Are there any orgs who support this kind of thing, financially or otherwise?

QUESTION: where are arms/military supplies researched and manufactured in the U.S.

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We are looking for sites (locations and names) of places where arms and military supplies are researched and manufactured in the United States. The idea would be to end up with a map of "the economy of death" or "the war in your hometown" and would lay out how the economy is dependent on the war machine.

For example, entries could be Boeing HQ and/or a plant that manufactures tires for airplanes or the location of a security detail subcontractor, or something like that. We wouldn't necessarily need to be comprehensive, but could cover a selection of sites from every state in the country.

QUESTION: World News Connection

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Dear RR,

Is the World News Connection database available at any public libraries? This seems like an odd thing, that you have to pay big bucks to use it even though the information is collected by the government and used to be available in print or microfiche at libraries. I have a NYPL account but it doesn't look like it's available there.

It looks like some private universities have it but that doesn't do me much good... although I might be able to reactivate my columbia account, now that I think of it.

Thanks very much,


QUESTION: Essar Group

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I recently read a report in The Daily Express (, page 28 in the News section, 2-15-08) about a protest in Trinidad featuring 6 people from The Claxton Bay Fishermen Associationan Claxton Bay, during which the police were called. Land is being surveyed for the construction of a port to be used by Essar Steel. I want to know what Essar has done/is doing in other countries and whether or not there have been campigns against them. Thanks!

QUESTION: Origin of the expression "sorry I blew up"

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Looking for the origin of the expression: "sorry I blew up" (sarcastic)

QUESTION: Feminist magazines

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I am looking for a list of both feminist zines and feminist magazines. The publications should be explicitly feminist (e.g. Bitch, Bust, Venus, MS, F-Word). Related question: Where can I find a list of feminist on-line zines, blogs, and websites? I've Googled for the above resources but am hoping there is a concise list maintained somewhere out there. Thanks!

QUESTION: sit-down demonstration among Oregon prisoners in 1980s

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Some time in the 1980s, women incarcerated in Oregon staged a sit-down demonstration to protest the fact that higher education was available to male prisoners but not female prisoners. As a result of the demonstration, 10 women prisoners were allowed to participate in college courses that had previously only been open to men at Oregon STate Prison.

How would I find media coverage/more information about this demonstration and its results?