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QUESTION: number of people in INS detention since 9/11

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Where would I find the number of people in immigrant detention in the years since 9/11? Is there a site or an organization that keeps track of how many people INS detains and holds each year? Is this information publicly accessible?

QUESTION: library careers

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What are the most popular librarian careers? Currently, which librarian careers are in higher demand?

QUESTION: Community gardening resources

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Hi there!

Could you recommend resources for the following areas, please?
- books, websites, articles on how to start a community garden
- books, websites, articles on seed saving and harvesting
- magazines for community gardening

Also, would you happen to know of any existing community gardening libraries or resource centres in North America? Thanks!

QUESTION: Narrative Therapy

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What is Narrative Therapy?

QUESTION: critical thought

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what books about critical thinking do you recommend the most?


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What are some of the best self-help books on Adult ADD out there? (books that don't advocate medication)

QUESTION: Anti-Nepotism Organization

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I'm trying to find an organization (or see if one exists) that supports political candidates without family connections and/or wealth. Something similar to Emily's List. I'm not even sure what it would be called: Anti-nepotism? First generation politicians? Anti-dynasty?

QUESTION: Origin of a phrase

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What is the origin of the phrase "Dry as a Whistle"? Thank-you!

QUESTION: one-day hunger strike at INS detention center in Los Angeles in 2000?

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In August 2000, during or around the time of the Democratic National Convention, male and female detainees at the San Pedro Service Processing Center (in downtown Los Angeles) staged a one-day hunger strike to protest the center's conditions. According to an interview with one of the detainees, some of their demands were met and there was some media coverage. Where would I find past media coverage about the hunger strike and/or what conditions were changed because of the hunger strike?

QUESTION: Criminal Justice/Prison System

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I was wondering how much it costs to keep a prisoner on death row, and why the cost is higher that other prisoners (if it is).

I'd prefer to know about prisons in Pennsylvania, but any info about prisons in the US.