Spies who didn't love me

A Good Journalist, like Phillip Adams, isn't hard to find in Australia. In his weekend edition of the Australian newspaper he describes the coldest years of the Cold War and how a certain librarian/archivist has provided him with a file peppered with infomation ...

fact checking for bitches

There's an article about fact checking by a veteran verifier in Bitch magazine.

Aleine DeGraw. "Fact Fiction: Making the Truth Work for Women's Magazines." Summer 2005: 31-33.

internship ideas

LIS Students--how about an internship/fieldwork with Radical Reference?

The NYC collective brainstormed ideas for possible library school internships and came up with

  • answer quality control

NYC collective meeting July 8, 2005

The meeting was held in the Computer Center at ABC No Rio.

Present: Andrew, Gabe, Jenna, Jonny (plus a significant other or two and some No Rio regulars passing through occasionally: a four year old, her father, and her loud caregiver).

ALA Council Calls for Withdrawal from Iraq

From Library Journal:

The Council of the American Library Association (ALA) has passed a resolution that calls for the withdrawal from Iraq of all U.S. military forces and a return of full sovereignty to the people of Iraq. The resolution passed June 29 during the annual conference of ALA in Chicago. The resolution further urges the U.S. government to switch its budgetary priorities from the occupation of Iraq to the improved support of vital domestic programs and calls upon the government to provide material assistance through the United Nations for the reconstruction of Iraq, including its museums, libraries, schools, and other cultural institutions. The resolution will be sent to all members of Congress, the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, President, and the press. The Council is the governing body of ALA and determines all policies for the association.

Independent bookstores list

I've uploaded the start of the Independent and alternative bookstores list. At the moment it's mostly stores I've been to (see which section has the most entries, guess where I live!) and recommendations from the RadRef list.

Counterpunch link of the weekend

Thanks to ChuckO for noticing that Radical Reference is the Counterpunch link of the weekend. Happy In

Resistance from the tropics -- an invitation to insurrection!

(spread the word)

Resistance From The Tropics
a south florida invitation to insurgence

Almost 500 years ago European colonizers landed in Florida, becoming its first coastal land speculators.

Alt guide to Chicago

For those going to Chicago for ALA, check out the "Librarians' Guide to some of Alternative Chicago". There will be maps with it soon. Enjoy, but don't forget to come to the radical reference meeting from 6-9 on saturday at the Chicago Temple.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service Cooking the Books?

Forward from a friend of RR:

Hi folks,
Bad news, I mean in more ways than one.
I subscribe to a few email updates from various information bureaus of the Justice Department. The Bureau of Justice Statistics and a few others. the information they put out was surprisingly objective. However just this week I got an email from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service that has "Prisoners and Pot: Debunking the Myth" as the subject line. Back when Ashcroft first got in he talked about the various information outlets of the DOJ "Speaking with one voice" preumably to better reflect the policies of the DOJ itself. I knew it was coming I haven't seen evidence of it until now. This recent report, that is announced in the email is a clear attempt to discredit some of the rhetoric used by critics of the drug war, basically by saying that only a tiny number of prisoners are in jail for pot. I haven't looked at it closely but it's got to be bullshit. The real unfortunate thing now is that what once was reliable source of information about the Prison Industrial Complex is now turning into a propaganda machine.

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