QUESTION: Whole Foods

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Has Whole Foods Market ever committed to benefit a community or neighborhood (through a charitable donation, a community benefits package, etc.) surrounding one of its stores and failed to carry through with their commitment?

NYC Anarchist Bookfair Table Schedule 2011

We are sharing a table at the NYC Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday April 9 from 11-7 with the Barnard Library Zine Collection.

We'll need people to set up, table, and break down. Please sign up for a shift!

QUESTION: prison reading groups

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I'm looking for information regarding reading groups in prison. So far, I've been able to find some information about a group called Prison Reading Groups in the UK, but I'm wondering if there are any projects like that happening in the States?


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when is the best time to prune a tree?

QUESTION: Researching how particular years of journals are packaged and sold to academic institutions

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I've wondered this for ages, but now it seems quite personal. I found a citation for an article on 1960s student radicalism that is directly related to my research, but while it is hardly an esoteric journal and my school gives access to some years of it, this does not extend back far enough to do me any good. I'm curious why this would be the case. It is a history journal and my school offers graduate-level history programs. I suspect that it may be a consequence of how academic institutions subscribe to databases. Is access to a wide variety of journals bundled together and sold as a package to the schools? Dumb question. What I mean here, is how many options or levels of package do schools have available to them? Maybe I think too highly of those in charge of assessing student requirements at my own institution, but access to this particular journal just seems like such a no-brainer to me that I feel the school just must have a limited ability to dictate what they want. Any articles or writings on this subject would be of great value to me.

Call for Submissions: 2011 Braverman Prize

Are you an LIS student interested in activism and the struggle for social justice? Do you stay awake at night thinking about how your politics might inform your professional practice?

The MIRIAM BRAVERMAN MEMORIAL PRIZE, a presentation of the Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG), is awarded each year for the best paper about some aspect of the social responsibilities of librarians, libraries, or librarianship. Papers related to archivists, archives, and archival work are also eligible.

The winning paper will be published in the Summer 2011 issue of Progressive Librarian. The winner of the contest will also receive a $300 stipend to help offset the cost of travel to and from the 2011 American Library Association (ALA)annual conference in New Orleans, LA. The award will be presented at the annual PLG dinner at ALA.

Think you might be interested? Here's the fine print...

Librarians Against DRM

I'm sharing these images from our project website, Readers' Bill of Rights for Digital Books.

Please use and share these images in support of our work against digital restrictions upon our right to read!

QUESTION: Haiti Reconstruction Aid by US: Promises Made, Promises Kept?

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How much aid has been pledged by the US to Haiti and how much has been actually delivered. I know there has been a delay in delivering reconstruction assistance, what is its current status?

QUESTION: Military marketing budget

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The Associated Press article dated 2-25-11 reports the US Military spends tens of $Millions each year supporting NASCAR. It then reports that this large sum represents only 2% of their total marketing budget. Where does the other 98% go?

QUESTION: author birthdate

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What is Laurie Notaro's birthdate? I need this for verification for a prose selection for contest.

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