QUESTION: proportion of trangender, transsexual, intersex & gender-variant people impacted by prisons?

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How would I find the number or proportion of transgender, transsexual, intersex and/or gender-variant people in the United States to how many are estimated to be affected by policing and prisons?

QUESTION: Use and Effectiveness of Peoples' Charters and Manifestos

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I am looking for studies, including evaluations focused on the the use of written political mobilization tools, e.g. manifestos, peoples' charters, declarations, in achieving political change. Hope you can help. Thanks!

QUESTION: Which national banks are state-owned?

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I know that the majority of the world's national banks, such as the Federal Reserve in the U.S. and the Bank of England are privately owned central banks that borrow money from international banking corporations. But a few countries, like Libya and China, have banks that are wholly owned by the state, which prints its own national currency. Other than these two, are there any other countries that follow this model? Where do I start looking to find out what percentage of ownership a state has in its national bank?

QUESTION: Oppressions as social determinants of health

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Can anyone recommend good books/articles/essays that outline why queerphobia, transphobia, sexism & racism and/or unstable housing are social determinants of health?

I work for a non-profit health agency and this info would be useful to radicalize our programs.


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How can I find work with radical organizations in Boston? Anything from anti-police violence, anti-racism, affordable housing, queer liberation.... anything radical! I want to be in the fight for liberation and also be able to eat. Help a friend out.

"Peeling the Onion: A Workshop on Research," 7/31 in Brooklyn

This isn't a Rad Ref event, but I will soon be conducting a free Internet research workshop at the Park Slope Food Coop:

QUESTION: how would I find most recent statistics on the percent or # of prisons providing prenatal care?

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How would I find the most recent statistics or records on the percentage or number of women's prisons that provide in-house prenatal care for pregnant prisoners?

QUESTION: What's the best free website to find experts in a field?

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I know there are a lot of website that connect journalists with experts, and a lot of them don't tell you that you have to pay until after you register. What's the best website that, for free, will hook a journalist up with an expert in a certain field?

QUESTION: Research on the use of Manifestos, Charters and Declarations for movement building in the U.S. and globally

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Hello! I am looking for research, anecdotal information and/or evaluation of the use and results of using organizing tools like manifestos, peoples' charters, declarations, etc. as organizing and movement-building tools. Thank you!

ALA Annual Conference meeting notes

Radical Reference met under cover of the ALA Annual Conference at the Roosevelt Bar (not Roosevelt Hotel Bar sorry/phew!) in New Orleans on Saturday, June 25. About 25 (?) people attended. I was supposed to take notes, but our discussion wasn't particularly formfull.

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