QUESTION: Norman Thomas Quote

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When many people refer to the quote "The American people would never vote for socialism, but under the guise of liberalism will adopt every fragment of the socialist program." Are they referring to the quote "The American people will take socialism, but they will not take the label." from his 1934 Speech?

Boston Rad Ref Collective at Play-Jurisms

Play-Jurisms is a 2-day series geared towards creatives. Over the weekend of May 21 and 22, 2011, we'll have a number of events that address these important, and often confusing issues.

website workday

Sunday, May 22, 1-4pm (Greenwich -4)
Openflows/Greenmap Office: 220A E. 4th St. (betw Avenues A & B), NYC
remote participation possible

Thoughts on Helene Blowers's “Inspiration, Innovation & Lessons Learned from Soap Bubbles”

I'm trying to do more writing, even if I don't always do it in a timely fashion. To wit – on April 8, I attended a talk that Helene Blowers, best known for her 23 Things initiative at the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, gave at the New York Public Library to librarians in the metro area. And here's what I thought.

QUESTION: how to find documentation about AZ women prisoners' rebellion from 1980s?

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I was told about a women prisoners' rebellion in Arizona between 1980 and 1984. The women, who were imprisoned in a converted motel at 32nd and Van Buren, were upset that they were denied access to the better paying, more technical construction jobs that were awarded to the male prisoners (men were paid 50 cents/hour to use the backhoe and women were paid 10 cents/hour to do the ditch digging by hand). The women filed written complaints. They also plugged in their prison-issued space heaters en masse, causing the electricity to blow out and the guards and prison staff to be locked in where ever they were because they could not open the electrically controlled sliding doors for several hours.

How would I find media or legal documentation about this uprising? (My source, a sort-of participant in this, didn't know)

QUESTION: 21st century public library service

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I am working on a literature review of how the 21st century public library will become a community hub, how it will build social capital, what the diversity of the library community will be, why this is important, and how the library will achieve this. I have journal articles on social capital, and civic duty, but I would like to find articles on how people will use the library to achieve this, what services will the library offer for this, and how the diversity of the community will come into play.

QUESTION: where to find clemency cases in Alaska?

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Where and how would I find clemency cases from Alaska? I'm particularly looking for clemency cases around mental health issues.

QUESTION: terrorism in the United States

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where does evidence lead in regard to anthrax attacks of 2001? A former government scientist was made the patsy, and he has since died. I just do not believe the official story released by the U. S. government and the mass media; the attacks were directed at individuals key in the ratification of the Patriot Act ONLY - and I have to wonder who dreamed up such a nightmare scenario and carried it out.

QUESTION: university funding

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Size of military and intelligence funding of university research

Notes from Compensation, Access, and Theft: Copyright in the 21st Century panel

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