QUESTION: corporate taxes

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How much U.S. tax did major multi-national corporations pay in 2009?
How much U.S. tax did Exxon Corporation pay in 2009?

QUESTION: Searching tax records

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Hi, I'm trying to find out whether individual's income tax records are public and can be searched.

QUESTION: private prison investors

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What banks are stockholders with the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) or what banks are in any way associated with CCA?

Sandy Berman's letter to Obama & Clinton, re: Egypt

Sandy Berman sent me a copy of a letter he mailed to President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, dated January 30, 2011. I though others might enjoy reading it, too.

Egypt. So far you folks have been ludicrously tone deaf. People in the street are not demanding a new cabinet and "reforms." They are explicit: DOWN WITH MUBARAK! But you seem unable to understand, much less support, that unmistakable reality. Instead, you prattle about "national dialogue" and how everyone should behave with due decorum and that the President should engage with the rebels. Whoa! There's an honest-to-god revolution underway. Police have vanished. Protesters embrace the army, which refuses to enforce a curfew. There IS no Mubarak government any longer. And it's about time we recognized that elemental fact. The U.S. right now looks "out of it," like fools still committed to our 30-year-long buddy whose own people despise him. This week we're suddenly declaring that human rights should be respected, but for 30 years we've been subsidizing an oppressive, authoritarian regime with more than a billion dollars a year--without much insistence on democracy and free speech and fair elections (until this week).

Radical Reference Presents: Do It Yourself Archives

2009 NYC Anarchist Book Fair
Saturday, April 11, 11:15am-12:45pm
Tamiment Library
70 Washington Square South

Jillian's slides
Nicole and Nick's slides
Watch it on your computer

NEW 1/24/11
Cleaned up and posted by Dan Vea (thanks, Dan!)
Audio on Radio4All: one part, the other part, and on

Archivists Jillian Cuellar (Tamiment Library) and Nicole Martin (Democracy Now!) and IT Director Nick Gilla (Democracy Now!) will give instruction on archiving principles and techniques for physical and digital materials. This skillshare will be appropriate for individuals and groups interested in preserving their documents and media.

website redesign project

David Walczyck's Pratt Institute Information Architecture & Interaction Design class, which is using Radical Reference as its web redesign client this semester has requested that we provide them a list of sites that we admire--not necessarily library related sites--for their design, interaction, or community aspects.

Please list yours here, with annotations if possible--either in this post or as a comment:

QUESTION: public debate, private convo

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No question supplied in initial post. We are looking into the bug.

QUESTION: radical glossary

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Where can I find a radical glossary? I’m specifically looking for definitions for terms such as “political education.” I’m also looking for the political etymology of the term “multi-multi makeup.” Perhaps Ella Baker and/or SNCC?

QUESTION: U.S. police shooting stats by city, 2005 to present

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[no question provided]

QUESTION: the first African-American woman prisoner in the U.S.?

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How would I find out who the first African-American woman incarcerated in the U.S. was?

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