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After failed Google and newspaper database searches for, I did a "Whois" search, which is a way to find out who has registered a domain name. You can perform searches like these at


Who is behind Is it all public domain material? Why are there multiple versions of the same title?

QUESTION: Average length of gay/lesbian relationships

So I was having this discussion with a friend and I told him that Gay/Lesbian relationships statistically do not last as long as het relationships. he didn't believe me and wanted me to back this claim up.

QUESTION: Whole Foods Coffee vs Fair Trade

Whole Foods' coffee brand, Allegro, isn't fair trade certified. When one approaches the coffee counter in different Whole Foods stores asking if their coffee is fair trade, employees are eerily identical in the answer they provide: their coffee is grown sustainably and fairly *just like* fair trade coffee, and doesn't need the label. I find this canned spiel pretty sketchy of Whole Foods and thought many others would too, but am finding many people buy it, and don't realize it's important to look for the fair trade logo. Now (partly to settle an argument in my house) I'm trying to figure out what exactly Whole Foods/Allegro is/isn't doing re conditions on its coffee farms or in its buying practices that keep it from that fair trade certification.

More Sources for rbGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone)- Studies & Articles

Before I realized that this question was already answered, I got excited and did some research myself. Tiantian gave a great start, so I tried to remove duplicate references from my list (I might have missed a few). I also tried to include a few conflicting findings to let you come to your own conclusions. As tiantian mentioned, many of these works are newspaper or magazine articles as opposed to studies, but if you look at the works cited or browse the articles for mentions of the studies you will be able to search with more targeted terms. Good luck- this is a really interesting subject!

QUESTION: US / Mexico Border Statistics

I am looking for recent numbers of deaths of Mexican illegal migrants on the US / Mexico border for 2000-present, listed by both border sector and cause of death. I have looked everywhere for this, and can't seem to find it.

Question: Audio on Social Movements

Do you know some places where one can find free downloadable audio clips/files of people (and especially activists or movement historians) talking about either:

  1. May Day
  2. labor movements

Question: TIA and NSA budget

I just finished reading the democracy now interview with Shane Harris about total information awareness (TIA) and it left me wondering:

"Congress" cancelled TIA but Congress evidently re-authorized it by funding the secret NSA budget. So, the question I have is:

Question: Starbucks and Fair Trade

I am looking for information on how much Fair Trade coffee Starbucks sells? How much of it is fair trade versus non-fair trade?? How much of the fair trade that they do sell is served made and how much is sold by the pound for making at home?? I know that Starbucks made a deal with TransFair USA to sell fair trade coffee (in 2001?). I feel like I have heard that the actual quantity they sell is far below what their marketing campaign leads people to believe. I have looked for percentages of how much of their coffee is fair trade, but I am not finding it. Any help on this and related info would be awesome.

Answer about NSA spying and Congressional testimony

1. How are written statements entered into the government record? Who enters them? Who catalogs them?

There are basically two areas where written statements are entered into the record: Committee hearings and proceedings of Congress. Both are collected and disseminated by the Government Printing Office (GPO) and made available from the GPO website. There are official reporters (like court reporters) at all hearings and while Congress is in session. There are rules and procedures for this, but as with everything governmental, rules are not set in stone and traditions are in place that sometimes allow for the circumvention of the rules.

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