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Question: NSA Spying and Congressional Testimony

Background: As you are probably aware, blogger Glen Greenwald recently uncovered damning information about the Bush administration's warrantless syping. Basically, lead lawyers at the DOJ testified to Congress in 2002 that lowering the "legal standard" for warrantless FISA wiretapping was not necessary because a) the FISA law was working fine, and b) lowering the legal standard was of constitutional dubiousness.

Question: Abortion Trends

Some opinion polls suggest that young women's attitudes toward aboriton have become more conservative over the past ten years or so. I'm trying to find out why. I'm a freelance journalist and I want the information for a story I'm writing on menstrual extraction. I have been trying to find someone in academia who studies aboriton and could give me an opinion on this trend, but I've had no luck. I appreciate any help you can offer.

Question: Adoption Information In California

What procedural steps should an adult in California follow in order to obtain full access to complete and uncensored records of court proceedings (in Contra Costa County, in the early 1970s) that led to his or her custodial birth parent losing all legal parental rights, with the child being placed into foster care?

Question: Immigration - deportation statistics

how many undocumented immigrants were detained in 2004? how many were deported? how many were under the age of 18 when brought into deportation/detainment proceedings?

Question: Contribution to UN Peacekeeping

I would like to know who the top 50 contributors to UN peacekeeping operations are in dollars as well as troop numbers for each of the last 20 years. Alternatively, one could compile the contributions based on 5 year segments such as: 1980-85, 1985-90, 1990-95, 1995-2000, 2000-05.

Question: Churchill Quotations

I recently saw an author on C-SPAN talking about Winston Churchill.

Question: New Jersey Corporate Taxes

During Governor McGreevy's run for office in NJ, he stated that corporations were paying $200.00 in income taxes.I want to know what the giant NJ corporations are paying. Many of the large companies have tax havens off-shore and pay no taxes.

Question: Dealing with black mold in houses

What are some easy or cheap ways to deal with black mold in houses?

Question: Anarchist alternatives to police power

Do you know of any pamphlets, books, or websites that offer anarchist alternatives to police power?

Question: Origin of the Phrase 'Question Authority'

What is the origin of the phrase "question authority"?

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