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QUESTION: Longevity in the U.S.

I'm looking for the percentage of American adults who live to age 80. I have gathered info that the answer is actually about 30%, but I'd like to be corrected if I need to be.

QUESTION: Department of Defense funding of university research


How much did U.S. universities receive from the Department of Defense for research in fiscal years 2006 and 2007?

QUESTION: the word "revolution"

I am researching the word "revolution". I have found many good definitions but would like some "alternative" or non-traditional sources by which to define it. I also was curious about illustrative e

QUESTION: prison moratorium

I submitted a question about a month ago regarding the history of moratoriums on prison and jail expansion (construction). is there any info? i originally asked for info for the recent past, but it could be helpful to know about the last 30 years (during the drug war years). so, could you please help find out what states/cities may have tried to submit legislation calling for a moratorium on prison/jail construction and expansion in the united states?

QUESTION: kidney failure

How does kidney failure lead to multiple organ phoblems? Also explain treatment.

What is the difference between palliative and radical treatment?

ANSWER: Prison Population by Race and Gender

The older issues of Statistical Abstracts of the United States have most of the data you want. Here is the link to 1951-1994: Each report will have data for a couple of years earlier; e.g., the 1951 report has data for 1949. You'd need to scroll through each year to find the relevant data. For example, the 1951 report has chart on "Felony Prisoners by Color, Nativity, Age, and Sex". (nativity being whether they were born in the U.S. or not)

QUESTION: Prison Population by Race and Gender

What was the total prison population and prison population by race and gender from 1950 to 1975? I'm writing an article about the civil rights movement and rise of the prison industrial complex and want to compare yearly prison population increases with civil rights victories, so I want the population by year.

QUESTION: Gandhi quote

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win." These lines are widely attributed to Mohandas Gandhi on the Internet, but I'd like to find one reliable source with evidence that he actually spoke or wrote them. (The tone is entirely different than Gandhi's autobiography.)

ANSWER: Poverty / race in NYC

The City of New York has its own Census FactFinder: You can search by "Community District" (these are fairly large) or you can type in a specific address. It will display a map of the census tract, with data on race, income, family configuration, age, and a bunch of other characteristics.

QUESTION: Poverty / race in NYC

I have a question about poverty / income statistics for NYC. Where can I find information about where certain "races" live and a correlation of income rates.

For instance: are there distinct Irish neighborhoods in NY that hold a set of income correlates?

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