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QUESTION: legally required time to verify citizenship status

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I'm doing an article about a recent case in which 80-100 workers at Best Brands were laid off because their social security numbers were incorrect after the company did an internal audit. I was wondering if there is a legally mandated amount of time an employer is supposed to give an employee if there is an error found with his SSN#. I know that for employees that receive a no-match letter it's 90 days, but this is different because it comes from an internal audit that the company voluntarily did. In this case, when the Social Security Administration hasn't been involved, is the employer still required to give employees a certain amount of time to fix discrepancies?

QUESTION: non-profits with for-profit wings

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I'm working on an article about a company District Energy, which is a non-profit that also operates a for-profit energy company called Market Street Energy. How common is the practice of non-profits owning for-profit businesses? How is it done legally? Can the money generated go directly back into the non-profit? Do these for-profit companies operate under any of the restrictions that apply to nonprofits, or are they regulated the same as any other corporation? Any info would be much appreciated.

QUESTION: teoria de la dependencia

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i need help finding ruy maldo marini's work in english, via internet or hard currently just outside of sao paulo, and might be able to get access to local university libraries...i need, most ideally, "los fundamentos de la dependencia. el ciclo del capital en la economia industrial" in english. also, any work by andre gunder frank in english would be super helpful as well, or other authors that follow the latin-american marxist line of dependence researching the concept of interdependency of capitalism...o, sea, que no es solo dependencia de la periferia en el centro, pero el centro no puede existir en la manera en que se existe sin la explotacion de la periferia...i would like to examine the manifestation of this tendency in the US, as in, look at the thoeries and apply them to the realities of worker exploitation in certain sectors of the US, such as migrant farm labor, if possible. that is my hypothesis, more or less, anyways. bascially, im killing myself trying to translate this stuff from spanish to english and understand it, and so any articles or books translated already would be dope right about now...if there are books, and someone can send me an ISBN i might be able to find it somewhere here or order it...articles i can probaly get with a title and author, if a link isnt available...


QUESTION: virginia labor laws

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i live in the district of columbia and i just got fired from my job in alexandria, va. the reasons given were "poor performance and too many missed days of work." my health has been causing me to miss quite a few days of work, and i had spoken with management about it, made up hours, and provided documentation of my various doctor visits. this last friday i was told by my new doctor that i must take a week off to recover and she provided a note. i emailed this to my boss and on tuesday she left a voicemail saying i was fired.
what course of action might i take in this situation? i believe this is wrongful termination which presents an undue hardship and would like to request a significant severence. at the very least i would like to report my employers to...anyone who might be able to help me. labor board?
i don't know anything about unemployment. do i file in dc? how?
someone told me that my employer might be responsible for providing insurance for the next 180 days after my termination, or have to provide COBRA?
thanks for any help you might offer.

QUESTION: State "hate crime" statutes and verbal aggression.

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[Note: I'm submitting this question on behalf of an attendee of the Mid Atlantic Radical Bookfair. I have ideas about how to answer it but it's been a while since I've done legal searching and I know there are experts out there! Contact me with questions and I'll forward them to the asker.]

How many states presently have "hate crime" statutes? Of these, how many cover verbal forms of aggression (e.g., name calling)?

QUESTION: Posting an Announcement (was SAA Student Scholarship)

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[I have e mailed Jenna Friedman about posting this scholarship announcement to the Radical Reference listserv and she said it would be fine. I am not sure if this is the correct way of posting this announcement. Thank you].

QUESTION: Alternative Youth Culture in Nazi Germany

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I'm looking for sources on the edelweiss piraten, a youth group that tried to create an alternative to the Hitler Youth, and i'm also looking for any youth groups or actions in nazi germany that were confronting nazism with the actions of their everyday lives, thanks!

QUESTION: deportation

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looking to find deportation records of activists that came here cuba in the early 1900's.. joined mexican group in los angeles in 1913 .. i am not sure if they stayed here or were deported. would like to find out what happened.. maybe they have children.. is it possible to find them as well??
the name of family is:

Blanca de Moncaleano, her husband is Juan Francisco de Moncaleano

thanks very much

lina devito

QUESTION: apartheid - plural form?

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Dear RR:

What is the plural form of "apartheid?" I rarely hear it used in anything but the singular (near always referring to the South African system) which among other things obscures the existence of numerous systems of apartheid, now and historically.

Thanks so much

QUESTION: alternative encyclopedias

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Can you suggest some alternative encyclopedias, of any subject, which would be good general sources?