J20 report from the street

A Radical Reference member called in and said the cops blocked the street at the Black Bloc march. Things were heating up so she and some others headed into a CVS by the NARA. A bit later when they tried to leave people were running by outside the store and CVS wouldn't let anyone else into the store "unless they look like republicans." Sounded a little haggard. She was concerned another Radical Reference member was caught up in the chaos since she couldn't reach her by cell phone.

NYC Radical Reference meets with NYC IMC

On January 10th, 2005 members of the New York wing of Radical Reference met at the offices of the NYC Indypendent Media Center to discuss how RadRef can help these independent journalists gather and refine information.

Socially Responsible Tsunami Relief

For those looking for socially responsible ways to donate to tsunami relief, Grantmakers Without Borders has prepared a list of organizations at:

An Alternative Guide to Boston for ALA Midwinter, 2005

An Alternative Guide to Boston for ALA Midwinter, 2005
brought to you by Radical Reference's Boston crew

As good a starting place as any is Surface City, a "sort-of non-tourist, non-Citysearch guide to Boston."

NYC: Rad Ref meets the IMC

The library workers of Radical Reference, NYC and visiting dignitaries James Jacobs and Shinjoung Yeo will meet journalists of our local Independent Media Center on Monday, January 10, 2005 at 7:30pm. We will meet at their space: 34 East 29th Street, 2nd floor New York, NY 10016.

Radical Reference discussion at ALA Midwinter 2005

Saturday, January 15
Lucy Parsons Center
549 Columbus Avenue

Skill-Sharing Workshops at ALA Midwinter 2005

Short version:

Stop the MTA Fare Hike Rally

There were about 50 people gathered outside Governor Pataki's NYC office on 3rd Ave. between 40th and 41st last night to protest the proposed fare hike for NYC subways and buses. The demo was organized by NYPIRG's Straphanger Campaign, the Save Mass Transit Coalition, and Transportation Alternatives.

Gay Books attacked again...

For those of you living in Birmingham (and even for those who aren't), have you seen this article about Rep. Gerald Allen attempting to ban books with "gay" content in them?

World AIDS Day Resources

December 1, 2004
World AIDS Day
Women and Girls and HIV and AIDS

"Many women and girls are vulnerable to HIV because of the high-risk behavior of others. This year’s World AIDS Campaign, with the strapline ‘Have you heard me today?,’ seeks to raise awareness about, and help address, the many issues affecting women and girls around HIV and AIDS." (UN)

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