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Well, they didn't mention anything about what radical reference is about, but at least we've been included in this month's

In Florida: Jeb Bush has taken no steps to correct departures from principles of fair and equal treatment

Vote Suppression in Florida.
Living in Florida has been a true lesson in the need to stay focused on fair elections. The vote suppression of 2000 continues today,October 2004. African-American voters were visited by state troopers in Orlando (scare tactics); Nader was put on the ballot thanks to the support of republican attorneys; ballots were mis-sent to over 30,000 overseas voters last week.

Patriot Act - The Sequel!


San Francisco - Last week, it was widely reported that House Republicans are circulating draft legislation that contains provisions from the never-introduced

Community Technology Collective Bullied Over Misreading of URL

Steal This v. Stealth Is: Community Technology Collective Bullied Over Misreading of URL

Interactivist, our trusty virtual hosts, are under pressure to give up their domain name. Read on.

Out of the stacks and into the street

Here's a good story about radical reference from the NYC Indypendent posted Sept. 22, 2004. It was reposted on Chuck's Infoshop News with a great picture of one of our radical reffies doing a reference interview on the subway!!

longer version of Emily Waltz's Indypendent story

This version of Emily's story is almost 500 words longer than the piece published in the Indypendent.

Arrests at GOP Convention are Criticized

File this under, "Well, duh!"

The Washington Post yesterday wrote a story about the problems with NYPD's tactics before and during the RNC. The best part of the story, and perhaps most important lesson, was the last sentence, a quote by Norman Siegal (Steven's bro?!), a civil liberties lawyer, who said, "We don't lose our rights overnight with a big bang; we lose them incrementally over time."

City Arrest Tactics, Used on Protesters, Face Test in Court

The latest on the NYPD arrest tactics.

By the way, when blogging a NYT article, use this link to generate a link that will get the article for the reader w/o the reader having to register. Very handy!!

Homefront Confidential

Don't Mess With Librarians!

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