NYPD ready to use Long Range Acoustic Device

While thousands of people are gathering in Union Square for a candle-light vigil, NYPD is equipped with Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), a 45-pound mega-megaphone which can cause permanent hearing damage. LRAD was developed by American Technology Corp. of San Diego which got a $1.1 million (U.S.) contract from the U.S. Marine Corps. According to Wikipedia, the device was originally intended to be used by American warships to warn incoming vessels of their arrival.

NYPD not complying with court's release order

Today, the NY court ordered detainees to be released from their holding pens at Pier57. However, as of 7:30(EDT) NYPD hasen't complied the judge's order. The general assumption on the street is that the protesters will be held until after the RNC is over. This is an illegal tactic which makes detainees into political hostages. Some people are calling Pier 57 a mini-quitmo.

"I Love New York Too"

By Alvaro F. Fernandez

“I love New York

Bush in my backyard

Bush was in Elmhurst this evening visiting a firehouse and Italian Charities of America. We got out at the Grand Ave subway stop. The cops had barricaded most of Queens Blvd. It was about 8ish. We figured since Bush was supposed to show at 10 we'd be there for a while. He came early. As I was talking to indymedia, the motorcade came by. First there was cheers, then the louder boos were heard and people yelling "Four more months!"

A word from Jenna

Jenna called at 3:40 p.m. on Wednesday. She says arrestees appear to be trickling out, possibly from the night before last. She's wearing an Ask Me/Radical Reference shirt, and is getting compliments and words of appreciation from folks on the street.

wounded and killed in Iraq #s

Some of these resources may have been reported by other RadRefs.

Some of the websites below rely on the same resources for killed and wounded stats. Iraqi death toll numbers vary depending on who is counting and who is reporting.

Laura Bush protest

This afternoon from about 11:30 to 12:30 six members of Radical Reference and two sympathizers rallied at the NY Historical Society where Laura Bush was lunching. Laura was entering via the loading dock, so we focused our attention at the Society's back entrance at 76th and Central Park West. Secret Service and NYPD blocked access to the street--so no one could get a shot at the Resident's wife, but we managed to find a spot where we could be heard, if not seen. We shouted "Money for books and education, not for war and occupation!" and "Stand up, fight back against the USA PATRIOT Act!" there for about half an hour. Plenty of passersby and tourist buses witnessed our protest and many were sympathetic. Our signs criticized the PATRIOT Act and also identified us as librarians against Bush. Lia also had her kick ass 3D Books Not Bombs sign.

Arrests at War Resisters March 8/31/04

Five reporters from the UCIMC (Urbana-Champaign Independent Media
Center) were arrested yesterday during the War Resisters March and are being detained at Pier 57. It is estimated that between 100-200 people were arrested at this march while on the sidewalk. Right now they've been detained over 19 hours, with no contact with their

Defending the Honor of Johnny Cash

I arrived late and without my cell phone to "defend the honor of Johnny Cash" at the Man in Black Bloc.

It was unreal at first. There were around 30-40 protesters in a protest pen, and only a handful of police. The pen was set up at the corner adjacent to Sotheby's.

Police 'Pig-Out' at NY Public Library protest .

Here's a video-clip of police actions against protestors in NYC.

click for video

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