My Arraignment

Hi everyone,

I went to court this morning for my arraignment at 100 Centre Street, the building attached to the prison—the “Tombs

photos from RNC

Howard Besser's photos from the demonstrations:

Some Images of the protest at NY Public Library

Someone was requesting images of the protest at the New York Public Library. After looking through many many images, I finally managed to amass a few from Indymedia. I'm thinking that there are some people in New York right now that will have some pictures to share when they get home, as well.

CEO Pay Soars at Companies That Send Jobs Overseas

CEO Pay Soars at Companies That Send Jobs Overseas

From the Press Release: "Average CEO compensation at the 50 firms outsourcing the most service jobs increased by 46 percent in 2003, compared to a 9 percent average increase for all CEOs at the 365 large companies surveyed by Business Week. Top outsourcers earned an average of $10.4 million in 2003, 28 percent more than the average CEO compensation of $8.1 million. From 2001 to 2003, the top 50 outsourcing CEOs earned $2.2 billion while sending an estimated 200,000 jobs overseas."

NYPD ready to use Long Range Acoustic Device

While thousands of people are gathering in Union Square for a candle-light vigil, NYPD is equipped with Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), a 45-pound mega-megaphone which can cause permanent hearing damage. LRAD was developed by American Technology Corp. of San Diego which got a $1.1 million (U.S.) contract from the U.S. Marine Corps. According to Wikipedia, the device was originally intended to be used by American warships to warn incoming vessels of their arrival.

NYPD not complying with court's release order

Today, the NY court ordered detainees to be released from their holding pens at Pier57. However, as of 7:30(EDT) NYPD hasen't complied the judge's order. The general assumption on the street is that the protesters will be held until after the RNC is over. This is an illegal tactic which makes detainees into political hostages. Some people are calling Pier 57 a mini-quitmo.

"I Love New York Too"

By Alvaro F. Fernandez

“I love New York

Bush in my backyard

Bush was in Elmhurst this evening visiting a firehouse and Italian Charities of America. We got out at the Grand Ave subway stop. The cops had barricaded most of Queens Blvd. It was about 8ish. We figured since Bush was supposed to show at 10 we'd be there for a while. He came early. As I was talking to indymedia, the motorcade came by. First there was cheers, then the louder boos were heard and people yelling "Four more months!"

A word from Jenna

Jenna called at 3:40 p.m. on Wednesday. She says arrestees appear to be trickling out, possibly from the night before last. She's wearing an Ask Me/Radical Reference shirt, and is getting compliments and words of appreciation from folks on the street.

wounded and killed in Iraq #s

Some of these resources may have been reported by other RadRefs.

Some of the websites below rely on the same resources for killed and wounded stats. Iraqi death toll numbers vary depending on who is counting and who is reporting.

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