Another tale from the April 29 Critical Mass

I biked from work over the Manhattan Bridge (taking care to note the new gaps in the Brooklyn side anti-bike barriers [see Infoshop story for related communique]). It was close to 7:30 by the time I crossed Houston on Lafayette, and instead of riding all the way up to Union Square, I latched on to a group of 30 or so cyclists I encountered as they were heading west. We rode through the West Village and SoHo for a while, periodically whooping and cheering and dinging our bells, getting smiles and thumbs-ups and the occasional angry honk -- all in all, a very pleasant springtime Critical Mass experience.

Critical Mass April 29, 2005

Radical Reference staffed the communications headquarters in New York City. We don't know how many were arrested, but we believe we prevented a number of detensions by letting riders know where cops were massing.

Military Recruitment in Schools

Rethinking Schools has published an interesting article on military recruitment in high schools and a Portland, Ore., high school's unit on these recruitment techniques and the reality of enlistment.

May Day 2005 (U.S)

Brought to you by Boston Radical Reference.

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  • NY Times Article regarding arrests at convention

    Article from Today's Times states that of the 1806 arrests made at the convention 1,670 cases that have run their full course and 91 percent of those ended with the charges dismissed or with a verdict of not guilty after trial. Much of this is thanks to the large volume of video tape recordings of the incidents. One particular case was dismissed after it was discovered that the prosecutor's office had edited a tape taking out parts of an arrest that contradicted their account. Amazing! Quotes in the article from representatives of the police department are enough to make one's blood curdle. Here it is April and this is just coming out. Slow grind the wheels of justice, especially when the outcome makes justice system look so bad.

    April 7 Benefit for Lynne Stewart in Brooklyn


    Calling ALL POETS: Turn your words to political action for Lynne Stewart, America's most persecuted and prosecuted Public Defender

    WHAT: A benefit of Spoken Word Poetry and other Truth Telling for Lynne Stewart. Come with a POETIC LETTER to the sentencing judge. (She faces more than 30 years!)

    Why Your Broadband Sucks

    Here's an interesting article about broadband in Philadelphia on Wired News from Laurence Lessig (including podcast).

    Homeless in the libraries oh my!

    This was originally posted on A-librarian list by Chris Dodge. Thanks Chris, Martha Furman, Danielle Maestretti, and Sandy Berman!

    Homelessness and libraries have been much in the news of late. What burns me is that we'd rather ban people from reading (or even just hanging out somewhere) rather than dealing with the real problem: a society that condones and perpetuates homelessness by its inaction. *sigh*

    10 steps to more democratic media

    I just ran across this article, "10 steps to more democratic media" by Jeffrey Chester and Gary O. Larson in the Spring 2005 issue of "Yes!". It's important to know what is needed as the Telecommunications Act of 1996 comes up for review this year.

    Media EmergenC overview and analysis

    Media EmergenC, hosted by SDIMC and SD RadioActive, was held Oct 6-9, 2004 in San Diego concurrently with the National Association of Broadcasters annual radio road show. Here's an overview, images and audio of the events. Lotus at SDIMC has recently written a very cogent analysis of the event and of indymedia in general in the hope of creating critical dialogue within the indymedia movement. Please read and forward to interested folks.


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