Police stage mass arrests. 1000 detained.

Last night the police arrested more people than they had altogether in the previous days of the anti-RNC protests in NYC.

The New York Public Library at 42nd St was among the principal sites of clashes between protestors and police,

arrest at 16th & Irving & Herald Sq. area

Arrests are currently happening at 16th and Irving and also near Herald Square--especially 35th and 6th Avenue. This according to

Arrests mushrooming as protest continues

As the following story from Reuters shows, the number of protest-related arrests is mounting, now well over 700.

Civil disobedience of almost any kind is meeting with police action. while there has been little violence from demonstrators, considerable force and provocation has been seen from the police side.

Herald Square 7:00 P.m. 8/31

Jenna reported that she and Melissa are in Herald Square where things may be heating up. All the intersections are barricaded and it seems that busloads of delegates will be driven through the square.

A Celebrity Spotting

Jello Biafra at Man/Women in Black Bloc.

Tues/31 Addresses for tonight

Tupelo Grill 1 Penn Plaza
33rd St (7 & 8)

Washington Square Church
135 W4th St (6 & McDougal)

BB King's
237 W 42St

Dahesh Museum of Art
601 5th Ave. (at 48th)

Spirit New York
530 W2

FBI Harassment In St. Louis

I just got an update from ChuckO, who learned this morning that the FBI was visiting activists in St. Louis on Friday.

Events (Updated Aug. 31, 1:00 p.m.)

Some of the RRL's might be meeting up at these events:

Monday, Aug. 30, 4 p.m., New York State Deputies Association (police union) protesting at a keynote event at Bryant Park Grill, 25 West 40th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues. More of their protests are

Legal hotline for press members

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has arranged legal help for credentialed press covering the convention. Attorneys from Levine, Sullivan, Koch & Schulz, LLP will be available via the 24-hour "Media Hotline" to offer cost-free legal advice and

Current News 7pm

I've been in contact with Jenna and Miguel. Jenna is at the Poor People's March. They are heading West on 23rd Street.

Miguel is heading to St. Mark's Church.

I'm currently monitoring noise studio so I'm hearing if there's any danger or the police are doing anything.

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