8/26: Anti-RNC Open House & DNC 2 RNC Welcome Party!

Want to get involved in organizing against the Republican National Convention? Curious about what¹s in the works?

The NoRNC Clearinghouse invites you to a Anti-RNC Informational Open House

WHEN: Thursday, August 26th at 7:30pm

Where: St Marks Church: 2nd Ave @ 10th Street

Rumor: Discounts for "peaceful" protesters


According to NY Times (Aug 18, 2004),

“the Bloomberg administration will offer discounts to “Peaceful political activists

Audit shows $8.8 billion in Iraq funds missing

According to this Reuters story, "At least $8.8 billion in Iraqi funds that was given to Iraqi ministries by the former U.S.-led authority there cannot be accounted for, according to a draft U.S. audit set for release soon." Wouldn't it have been grand if they gave that money to peaceful protesters instead of those beautiful and handy buttons?! We'd all be staying at the Ritz ;-)

Alternative Resources on the US War Against Iraq

Here is a good list of links, from the International Responsibilities Task Force.

Abu Ghraib

The requests I've had so far have been very difficult to fulfill. When looking for a list of people who have died at Abu Ghraib in US custody, I had to wade through dozens of articles, some rather dubious, to try to reconstruct a timeline of events surrounding the now infamous prison.

ANSWER: Alternative Press Print Runs

I haven't had any luck finding any more information about large,
single-issue press runs in the manner you're describing the Indypendent
intends to produce. I've spoken to the publisher and he says this is far

Suppressing the African-American vote in Florida

Suppress the Vote?
Published: August 16, 2004

The big story out of Florida over the weekend was the tragic
devastation caused by Hurricane Charley. But there's another story

People's Guide to the RNC

Hot off the presses, the People's Guide to the Republican National Convention is out. This amazingly handy guide/map is a must for all. Download it, order it, or pick one up at New York Civil Liberties Union RNC Office (F8: 520 Eighth Ave), Bluestocking Books (O8: 172 Allen St), Times-up! bike convergence space (N7: 49 E Houston St), or Chisholm Gallery (I7: 56 W 22 St, 2nd flr).

Radical Reference site tops 50 volunteers!

Thanks everyone. There are now 50 volunteers registered on the website and 78 members on the listserv. That's a great big pool of reference! Even the largest research libraries don't have 50 reference librarians chomping at the bit to get answers for people.

Chart shows connection between Bush ratings and terror alerts

This Approval vs alert chart and the timeline of alerts below it clearly shows a correlation between news events (especially BAD news) and the release of terror alerts.

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