Iran-Contra II?

No full investigation until after elections? Why?
But under terms of a compromise agreed to by both parties, a full investigation into the matter was put off until after the November election.

RingOut Observations & My Inquiry about Matthew

I attended the RingOut observance with Maggie. Although there were several police officers in the area, they were unobtrusive. I contribute this to the event's emphasis on peace.

The event's organizers wore orange hats and passed out instructions and bells. The demonstration was supposed to be held in a respectful silence (except for the bells), and participants were supposed to follow the cues of the Bellwethers. However, the bell ringers followed their own rhythms--some adhered to individual group patterns, and others rang to their own beat.

Excessive Force by Police Starts Early in Protests

    NYPD Accused of Excessive Force Early
    The Associated Press

    Saturday 28 August 2004

    New York - In the first major clash between police and demonstrators converging for the Republican National Convention, nearly 250 bicyclists were arrested during a protest ride that snaked through the city and passed by Madison Square Garden.

Demo in Greece Forces Powell To Cancel Trip

Powell pulls out of Athens visit

Washington denies anti-U.S. protests to blame

ATHENS, Greece -- U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has pulled out of a visit to Athens to attend Sunday's closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games, U.S. officials said.


"Just in Time' for RNC Publicity:Two Brooklyn Men Charged In Plot To Blow Up Herald Square Subway Station

AUGUST 28TH, 2004
With police on high alert for terrorist activity, two men have been charged with planning to blow up the Herald Square subway station and other targets around the city.

Breaking: ChuckO from March for Women's Lives

Chuck0, a street librarian, just reported from March for Women's Lives rally around 2:30pm which started from Brooklyn Bridge and gathered at the City Hall, lower Manhattan. According to Chuck0, despite sweltering weather in NY city, they are many people present challenging Bush policies. There are also a lot of police, but Chuck0 reports a pretty relaxed atmosphere. The March for Women's Lives is still goining on.

Breaking: Radical Reference volunteer arrested

Matthew, a radical reference volunteer, got arrested yesterday at the Critical Mass Bike Ride in NY city. According to Maggie Soffer, a street librarian coordinator, he is expected to be released this afternoon. A bystander at 7th avenue and 14th street said "it was amazing, there were packs of bikes, wheel-to-wheel passing by for about an hour." See NYC Indymedia for detailed information and breaking news.

Rumsfeld should be Accountable for Torture--Florida paper asserts

Florida newspaper asserts culpability for torture in Iraq lies with SECDEF.

Two inquiries have concluded that the abuses at Abu Ghraib were the result of leadership failures. The secretary of Defense should be held accountable.... But the real culpability lies at the top - all the way to Rumsfeld.

--St. Petersburg Times. Published August 28, 2004

Truthout to cover the RNC inside and out

Truthout RNC04 coverage. There's nothing there yet, but they have links to audio, video reports and still images.

FBI's Pre-Emptive Interrogations Of "Possible" Demonstrators

Here's a pretty scary article by Bob Barr at Basically -- in case you didn't know(!) -- we're back in the early 1970s and the era of Cointelpro. Read on...

The FBI, no longer content with working to maintain order at political events, is now preemptively identifying and interrogating ("interviewing") possible demonstrators. It has summarized this strategy in a memo.

To make matters worse, the Department of Justice blessed the FBI strategy in its own memo - suggesting that no First Amendment concerns are raised by the interrogations.

As I will explain in this column, however, the truth is quite to the contrary: The strategy, as outlined in the memo, is a serious threat to free speech.

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