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Youth Activism: an International Encyclopedia

You would think this blog entry would be a "Yay! There's an encyclopedia about youth activism--how exciting!" But it's not.

This encyclopedia is a big disappointment to me.

ALA page finally up

There's finally a page for Radical Reference activities at the ALA Annual Conference 2006 in New Orleans.

my new favorite political cartoonist

I can't remember where I discovered Minimum Security cartoons, but surely it was from a library list or blog. These two comics will be of particular interest to librarians:

Library Card

Nudist Zinester

I just got off the phone with a man who wanted to contribute to the zine collection at Barnard. Before I even heard that he was a nudist and wanted to make an appointment to come view the collection sans clothing,

Maybe it's because I'm reading a book about white privilege right now...

...but this review really pissed me off.

Cutter, Martha, J. Lost and Found in Translation: Contemporary Ethnic American Writing and the Politics of Language Diversity. Reviewer: S.L. Kremer. Choice, April 2006, p. 1402.

"Although her title leads the reader to anticipate and inclusive approach, in fact Cutter (Kent State Univ.) offers an authoritative and full discussion of the four groups conventionally privileged in this field, Native, African, Asian, and Hispanic Americans--to the exclusion of significant Euro-American ethnic authors. In so doing the book illustrates both the strengths and weaknesses of current multicultural exclusivity."

It goes on, but that's the worst of it. "Current multicultural exclusivity"?!?

Who's Afraid of Free Speech? The New York Public Library.

From this account by 2 artist/activists, it seems that NYPL's security staff is emulating the Homeland Security officers that just got busted in Maryland for enforcing non-existent policy.

Autonomedia Benefit: Marx in Soho

Event: Performance of Howard Zinn's play Marx in Soho to benefit Autonomedia, a NYC radical small press

Salt Lake City Public Library Zine Collection in trouble

I sent this out to the Progressive Librarians Guild list, but thought it belonged in the blogosphere, as well.

Julie Bartel, founder of the Salt Lake City Public Library Zine Collection and author of the first and only book on zines in libraries (From A to Zine: Building a Winning Zine Collection in Your Library) is to have nothing more to do with the collection. A creative and passionate YA librarian, Julie was transferred to A/V collection development some time ago, but only very recently was banned from the collection she invented. The collection is still being tended by Julie's long-time collaborator, the extremely well-qualified Brooke Young, but neither is sure even that will continue. It should also be noted that while Brooke has also been with the collection since the beginning (1997), she is currently in library school. SLCPL is not dedicating librarian time to this high profile and much beloved project that serves a diverse constituency ranging from homeless teens to international scholars.

RR NYC LEF Benefit

On Friday, February 17 the NYC Radical Reference collective held a benefit to raise money for the Library Education Forum coming up on March 11, 2006.

RR Library Education Forum website

Thanks to Gabe, the Library Education Forum website/wiki is up.

The Forum will be held at the Community Church of New York on Saturday, March 11, 2006. More details to come.

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