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June 29, 2007

Radical Reference is a resource for activists, journalists & the public; we are staffed by librarians, library support staff, and library school students from New York to Australia and many points in between. Our goal is to provide reference service to those looking for answers they don’t readily find in mainstream media and other information sources.

Fulfilling Radical Reference’s mission also includes staffing protests and actions by doing "street reference," bringing librarians to the street to answer questions from those participating, including helping those affected by police action.

The website also serves as a fact checking tool for organizations and individuals in the media and those just looking for answers from a trusted source. Radical Reference conducts workshops and skill shares at conferences and for organizations that wish to strengthen their media and web literacy skills. We conduct workshops to independent media journalists on fact checking, advanced research, FOIA, free public library services, using open source technology tools, and more.

Those interested should contact info at radicalreference dot info to schedule a session.

Radical Reference has been answering questions from the public since its web launch on July 31, 2004. We post queries and answers for use as a resource. Questions asked of the librarians are made anonymous and remain so when posted to the site. We are ad free and not for profit.

For more information on Radical Reference, please access our website at

Previous Press Release (August 2004) and other items

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Radical Reference Presentations

Members of Radical Reference have done presentations and conducted workshops all over the United States and Canada.

Business Research Workshop for the Labor Outreach Committee of Occupy Wall Street - New York City (2012) (Aliqae, Bronwen, Jessa, Melissa)

Critical Librarianship Symposium - Practical Choices for Powerful Impacts: Realizing the Activist Potential of Librarians - Boston (2012)

Congrès des milieux documentaires du Québec - Montreal (2010)

US Social Forum - Detroit (2010)

Brecht Forum - NYC (2010)

Brecht Forum - NYC (2010)

NYC Anarchist Book Fair (2010)

Brecht Forum - NYC (2010)

Grassroots Media Coalition Networking Event - NYC (2010)

IndyKids (2010)

SLA (2009)

Grassroots Media Conference - NYC (2009)

NJLA (2009)

NYC Anarchist Book Fair (2009)

Palmer School Class (2009)

Brecht Forum - NYC (2008)

IFLA - Quebec City (2008)

NYC Anarchist Bookfair (2008)

Women, Action & the Media Conference - Cambridge, MA (2008)

Los Angeles (2008)

Thinking Ahead 2008 - Salt Lake City

Grassroots Media Conference - NYC (2008)

Mid-Atlantic Radical Bookfair - Baltimore (2007)

US Social Forum - Atlanta (2007)

New Jersey State Library Staff Development Day - Trenton, NJ (2007)

National Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR) - Washington, DC (2007)

Massachusetts Library Association Conference - Sturbridge, MA (2007)

Grassroots Media Conference - NYC (2007)

Grassroots Media Conference - NYC (2006)

ALA Conference - New Orleans, LA (2006)

National Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR) - Washington, DC (2006)

Library Education Forum - New York, NY (2006) (Jonny et al)

Rutgers, LISSA - New Brunswick, NJ (2006) (Eric & Jenna)

Allied Media Conference - Bowling Green, OH (2005)

Grassroots Media Conference - NYC (2005)

Austin Indymedia Conference (2005)

NYC Indymedia (2005)

ALA Annual (2005)

Boston Indymedia - Cambridge, MA (2004)

Radical Reference Publications

You will find here a collection of RR articles, papers, presentations, interviews, musings etc.

Radical Reference in the news

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