QUESTION: how to find litigation around pregnancy issues in prison?

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How would I find documentation of litigation around pregnancy issues in prison?

QUESTION: Looking for Data and Statistics on 1033 program to give surplus military equip to local police

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Original Twitter question from @kleinjos:
Know where to find #data on $/quant of transfers to local police under #DOD1033 ? @radicalreference @occupydclibrary


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How do find corporate by-laws ?

QUESTION: addresses of DOMA supporters

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I'm looking for the amount of money spent lobbying in support of the Defense of Marriage Act and the addresses of major players in the effort to pass the act and the name of a person to whom one would address such a letter. I am also looking for names & addresses for big-name/celebrity supporters of Occupy Boston. Background: on Jan. 30 the Creative Arts and Subversive Action (CASA) Working Group of Occupy Boston will be hosting a Valentine making workshop where individuals will make Valentines for "the Beloved Opposition" and some of our supporters. I'd like to give the artists just a little information of a financial nature with which to work and of course addresses of where to send the Valentines. I hope this is description is specific enough for your purposes and I would be twinkle fingers happy if Radical Reference would like to include their own suggestions (with the appropriate information) for this workshop. It doesn't have to be on DOMA, it does have to an a financial angle, and some connection to love, lust, etc....(after thought) Some data to contrast with the amount of money spent lobbying for DOMA would be great too....maybe something like....amount of money spent on pre-natal care....or fighting domestic violence. Thanks.

QUESTION: Mac alternative to Tableau

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We got this series of questions via Twitter:

QUESTION: weather underground symbology

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I've been researching the meaning of the symbology/logos of radical organizations through history. One rather prominent logo that I cannot find any info on is the weather underground's. Can you give me information on what the rainbow with an arrow crossing it means?

Thanks in advance, and happy new year year to ya,


QUESTION: open source software

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I assume you have experience using open source cataloging software. Which ones would you suggest.

I'm working on a radical library in a anarchist space in Providence.

Fertilizer is on facebook, and also at



QUESTION: black radical feminism

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is there a list of lectures/radio talks by saidiya hartman?

QUESTION: revolt

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what would happen if the whole country marched on Washington and told congress they had to go and the people of this country tired for physically remove the people in government. which is our constitutional right and mandate from our forefathers?

Anarchism on Film

For those in the NYC-metro area, this looks like fun: Anarchism on Film series at Anthology Film Archives: December 16-23.

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