QUESTION: book stores

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I am an activist visiting NY in October. Have little time in NYC but would like to check out a (used) bookstore or two. Interested in philosophy, education, postcolonialism, Palestine and/or Edward Said, writers like Joseph Massad, Robert Jensen, Noam Chomsky, Sut Jhally, topics like (Jewish) anti-Zionism and generally speaking left wing, progressive ideas. Can you give me a name or two of (used) bookstores for someone with my interests?

QUESTION: Citations for research articles on hydraulic fracturing/hydrofracking for natural gas?

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Can you help me collect citations/abstracts/full-text of research articles related to hydrofracking for natural gas? I'm particularly looking for technical/engineering and toxicology articles investigating the potential/actual harms caused by the hydraulic fracturing process. Articles concerning the socioeconomic impacts are useful as well. The more reputable and mainstream the journal, the better, since our goal is to provide comments to the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Abstracts and citations are appreciated, as I can probably track down the full text. Search strategy suggestions are also welcome.

For the sake of disclosure, I'm an occasional RR volunteer but I could use support and assistance from other activist library folks on this task. I'm working with citizens' groups in upstate NY to provide substantial comments on the Draft SGEIS, which will determine the constraints placed on fracking permits across NY, and influence the final regulations governing the process in our state.

If this question doesn't meet the guidelines, please let me know and I'm happy to take it down.

Thank you for your help!

Call for proposals! Information Literacy and Social Justice: Radical Professional Praxis (An Edited Collection)

Working title:
Information Literacy and Social Justice: Radical Professional Praxis (An Edited Collection)

Shana Higgins and Lua Gregory are instruction and reference librarians at the University of Redlands.

In her award winning essay “Information Literacy and Reflective Pedagogical Praxis,” Heidi L.M. Jacobs draws out the inherent democratizing and social justice elements of information literacy as defined in the “Alexandria Proclamation On Information Literacy and Lifelong Learning.” She suggests that because of these underlying social justice elements, information literacy “is not only educational but also inherently political, cultural, and social” (258). We propose to extend the discussion of information literacy and its social justice aspects that James Elmborg, Cushla Kapitzke, Maria T. Accardi, Emily Drabinski, and Alana Kumbier, and Maura Smale have begun.

QUESTION: Correctional Service of Canada Grievance Process

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Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) has an internal grievance procedure in which prisoners can try and resolve problems that arise within the system (eg. not getting proper health care, not getting access to family visits, being unfairly charged with an institutional offence etc). There are 3 levels to the greivance process (1st which is at the institutional level, 2nd which is at the regional level, and 3rd level which is technically the last level). After a prisoner has exhausted the third level grievance they can take their grievance to federal court. The grievance system was put in place to ensure prisoners were able to get access to a timely and fair process to their complaints. Unfortunately, this system has been an on-going failure and has not met the needs of prisoners. Several inquiries have been conducted to talk about the failures of the penal system and several of these public inquiries have criticized the grievance system (Arbour Report, several Correctional Investigator Reports and maybe others). Most of these public inquiries, investigations, inquests etc have stated that the grievance system should be an EXTERNAL process instead of the system investigating themselves (much like complaints of the police investigating the police). I have spoken to a few prisoners and we would like to create a research document outlining the critiques of the grievance system and recommendations to resolve this problem. I am wondering if you would be able to look into any sources that critique the Canadian Federal greivance system? I would like to create a background document with references to suggest why we need an external process. This could be a very effective advocacy tool to bring legislation forward to protect the rights of prisoners and their loved ones.

QUESTION: How do I find a non-profits IRS 900 form when Guidestar won't turn anything up?

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I'm looking into a non-profit called the Alliance for Youth Movements ( I searched for its IRS 990 forms on both and and nothing turned up. How do I get their 990? Do I have to go through the IRS directly? Is it possible for non-profits to file their IRS paperwork under a different name than the one they publicly use, making it impossible to search for their records?

QUESTION: grant opportunities for not-for-profits (organizations that are not 501C3 registered "non-profits")

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Is there a radical reference section on grants or general fundraising opportunities for not-for-profit organizations? I've been trying to find grant opportunities for our collective, but we are not a 501C3 (registered non-profit) and don't plan on becoming one. We are a collective space that has a tool cooperative, infoshop, free store, community garden, and organizing space for groups such as food-not-bombs and free school.

Tracking Hurricane Irene - some useful links and maps

James Jacobs over at Free Government Information just posted on this.
And this only-useful-if-you-live-in-New-York-City-map is pretty informative.
Also, this nice list of mobile apps and such-
And, listen to live online stream 24x7 from first responders + FEMA Daily Updates HERE

QUESTION: Corporate revenues from federal government

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Are there statistics available to show how much revenue each of the Fortune 500 (or the Standard & Poor's 500) companies received from the federal government in a given year? For example, how much of IBM's revenue came from the federal government in 2010? And so on.... I think it would be possible to collect this information from publicly-traded companies, and I would like to know if someone has already collected this kind of information, and if so, where to find this information.

QUESTION: how many states have legislation prohibiting discrimination against transgender people?

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Maryland recently rejected a bill that would have prohibited discrimination against transgender people in housing, employment, and credit, but not public accommodations, such as public restrooms. How many states actually *have* legislation that prohibits discrimination (even if it's not comprehensive) against transgender people?

QUESTION: How to find New York City activist groups focused on strengthening U.S. workers' right to organize, and advocating increased taxes for the rich

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I'm looking for New York City area or New Jersey activist groups focused on strengthening U.S. workers' rights, and advocating increased taxes for the rich. I'm looking for groups I can actually participate in. So far I've found plenty of organizations looking for money donations that they can spend on lobbying, or urging you to call your congressman... but none that want anybody to actually gather and discuss issues or actually DO anything.

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