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QUESTION: First Nation core collection

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Do you know of any resources that provide a general list of "core items" for a reference collection in a First Nation library? The Public Library Catalogue will probably not do the trick. Thanks for your help!

QUESTION: illigal immigrants

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is thare a possible way for undocumanted immigrants want to get education via online or by any certain collages

QUESTION: Social Justice in Florida

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Hello -

I am looking for resources that will help me identify trends (say over a 5-10 year period) in social, economic and environmental justice in Florida. Other than the U.S. Census, are there resources or research institutes that you could recommend? I am also looking for data on trends (Florida) in privatization and gentrification, to the extent that it is available.

QUESTION: prison lawsuit from 1970s

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Follow-up question to the last one about Carol Crooks and a 1974 court decision.

What is the original suit that Crooks v. Warne references (or appeals)?

QUESTION: court decision regarding Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in the 1970s

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A Feb 1975 article in "off our backs" stated that prisoner organizer Carol Crooks "won a court victory against Bedford Hills Correctional Facility this summer." I combed the "off our backs" archives for 1974 and only found this: "July 2, 1974. On that day the court prohibited Bedford Hills from continuing to violate inmates constitutional rights by refusing to give 24 hour notice of charges, and placing women in segregation without even a hearing of charges."

How would I find out if Carol Crooks was involved in filing the original suit against Bedford Hills?

QUESTION: reality about green card fraud

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I'm doing a story about the proposed changes being made to green cards, and one of the reasons DHS is giving for recalling green cards without expiration dates is that green cards are often passed on to other people and used in forging identities. I'd like to find statistics about how common this practice actually is, and about the number of fraudulent green cards vs. the number of fraudulent driver's licenses that are circulating in the U.S. Any information would be appreciated; my deadline is Wednesday.

QUESTION: Standardized Chapel Library Project

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Are the libraries of private, for-profit prisons subject to the Federal Bureau of Prisons' Standardized Chapel Library Project policy? The librarian to whom I supply materials via ILL is claiming compliance with this policy as a reason to limit inmates' access to religious and scholarly material, but I think it's only enforceable within the federal prison system.

QUESTION: oral history repositories?

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I'm conducting an oral history about the transformation of Wicca from a occult fascination into an officially-recognized, socio-political community. I have plenty of respondents and there is a wealth of literature on the history of modern Neo-pagan faith communities, but my question is- where can I deposit my research once it is completed?

I've searched for research depositories that focus on religious studies, but I'm still at a loss. None seem to have an open submission policy- they usually limit themselves to students or faculty at the University in question or have been closed.

Any ideas of where I can start searching? Even beyond a religious studies depository, is there some kind of research collection that focuses on counterculture groups or marginalized communities?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

QUESTION: SSDI and Inheritance

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I have Bipolar Disorder and therefore receive Social Security Disability Income in the amount of $698.00 a month. I also have Medicare that helps me pay for my life-saving medications. I am about to inherit a substantial amount of money from my Grandmother's will. Will I automatically lose my disability income and my medicare coverage? I am not sure about the amount of money I will inherit , it will be at least $10.000. If I lose my medicare and SSDI, I will have trouble supporting myself and paying for my medication and doctor's appointments. Thank - you

QUESTION: Mao era propaganda

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I'm interested in seeing Mao era propaganda that would have been shown to children -- an essay I am reading on the Chinese artist Yue Minjun references "Chinese children of his era were given picture books that followed the stories and adventures of brave young pioneers, whose good deeds and patriotic nature were promoted as examples upon which all good children should model themselves."

Does anyone know where I might find examples of such childrens books; this is urgent, so ideally somewhere online that I could look at imagery. I tried some online research but didn't come up with anything myself; I thought someone with more knowledge of the subject might have more luck.

Thank you!