Fostering media diversity in libraries

Here at radref, we've been having a discussion about how to get alternative materials into library collections.

FACT-UP redirect

I put the wrong URL (the one that got you to this page) on our handout. The real URL for our slides and handouts is So sorry for the screw-up--especially in a fact checking workshop!

FACT-UP: Fact Check, Research, and Thinking Critically like a Radical Librarian

Jenna Freedman and Lana Thelen are presenting a fact checking workshop at the Women and Media Conference at MIT March 28-30, 2008.

women's issues fact checking resources

Lana and I are presenting a fact checking workshop at the Women and Media Conference on Saturday, and we're appealing to Rad Ref's collective intell

Thousand Kites

A community radio/arts project raising awareness and providing service to prisoners.

Getting Alternative Materials into Library Collections

Laura's post on the talk at Thinking Ahead reminded me of a question that I was asked by two (or more?) people at the recent Grassroots Media Conference in NYC, where I was Radical Reference liason.

Radical Reference Discussion at Thinking Ahead 2008

As I noted in my last post, I lead a discussion section at Thinking Ahead, a small conference at the Sal


It's Drupal BarCamp time, once again in NYC.

March 29 & 30, 2008
Polytechnic University
Six MetroTech Center, BKNY
FREE + last year they gave you lunch and a t-shirt

Thinking About Rad Ref

I'm going to be a "topic facilitator" at this conference in Salt Lake City later this month.

NYC Rad Ref discussion of book and library access to people in prison - Sunday, March 9

Ever really wanted something to read?

Ever thought about how people in prison and jail get books and magazines?

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