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QUESTION: non-globalized wine

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I am interested in a source of information on non-globalized wines, that is, wines from old, non-corporate wineries that don't try to make wines for popular tastes. Any country's wines are ok.

QUESTION: Liberty Ships

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Liberty ships were a type of ship built during World War II. I've looked at Wikipedia and and can't find how many were tankers or other types?

QUESTION: Violence against women in Virginia

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On average or in any given recent year, how many girls/women have been killed by boyfriends/husbands/exes/etc in the state of Virginia?

QUESTION: HIV/AIDS stats for Savannah, Ga

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I'm trying to find information on the number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the Savannah, Ga, area. Any details such as race or age breakdown would be great, but rough numbers would be a nice starting point.

QUESTION: Meso American Culture References

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I am planning (theoretically) to discuss the building of a core reference library for the MesoAmerican Culture.

What books or resources are available. Assuming that money is not an issue.


QUESTION: Anti-Mass Theory

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I am seeking assistance regarding theoretical works that address the problems of mass-action. For me this means the following: In what ways are radicals limited by an unquestioned adherance to a massified model of change. I am thinking about how foucault has destabilized old notions of a top-down power model in favor of a relational model that does not presuppose a group "in/with power" and a group "out/without power" rather that power is everywhere and is constituted through discourse and action of various individuals and groups.

I am interested in philosophical works, as well as works of political science, sociology, critical theory. Websites, zines, articles, and books etc... would be apprecaited.

QUESTION: Conflicting interests in an inheritance case(international)

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Hello, the situation is this:

A friend of mine was willed a Large sum of money from her aunt, who won it in a lottery. It has been tied up for 9 years because one of her other family members disputed her claim to the money, though it was clearly willed solely to her. So my question; after 9 years, Is it going to be possible for her to just get the money that is rightfully hers, and any suggestions on how she could do that?

Thanks very much.

QUESTION: Prison vendors

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HELP! I have someone in a California State Prison. I have heard I may send clothing, shoes, food..but only by approved vendors. How in the heck can I find a vendor? My persone sent me a web address, but it was incorrect. It was have tried every combination of THAT.,.nothing worked. Any answers for a frazzled searcher?

QUESTION: finding a 1970s image of Yvonne Wanrow

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How would I find this image of Yvonne Wanrow? I read this snippet in a 1978 article in "off our backs":

"I recently walked into A Woman's Place bookstore in Oakland, Ca. and spotted a poster of Yvonne Wanrow. In that poster she is, for me, that fierce and caring woman, wielding in one hand a gun, and holding in the other, a child. Behind Yvonne there are the flowing rays of a bloody sun, a sun transformed by woman's creative power."

Are there databases or places that specialize in feminist/political posters and images from the late 1970s? Do you have any other suggestions on how to find this image?

QUESTION: future of reference librarians

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I wanted to know if there are any essays about the future of reference librarians.