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QUESTION: resisting arrest vs. going limp

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How likely is it that going limp during an act of civil disobedience (e.g. a sit-in) would be charged as "resisting arrest"? How serious an offense is resisting arrest? Is it a felony? Thanks!

QUESTION: burning wood gases

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QUESTION:What kinds of gases does wood release when it is burned?

QUESTION: Immigrant Children

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How many children are held in the T. Don Hutto Residential Center, a detention center that houses immigrant families?

QUESTION: Proposition 21

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I am wondering if an archive exists for the anti-Proposition 21 youth movement in California (specifically the SF Bay Area). Does anyone know of such a thing?

I was thinking more of a "hard" (tangable) archive, if you will, where I can look at, for example, protest flyers and posters, and other relevant documents. However, if this doesn't exist, I suppose even an email list would help. Any information on the youth movement would help.

QUESTION: New Kind of Science (formerly "i've got a question")

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What is new kind of science?

QUESTION: About The Beatles Discography

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where could I find information about the beatles compleate discography since the first to the last album ? Besides correct dates and places..

I hope you can help me. thanks.

QUESTION: Black and White Tensions

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I currently teach a contemporary issues course at a local senior center here in Baltimore. The racial make up is 100% white. Do you have any suggestions articles that I could use in my class that may help enlighten us, without insulting those of color, especially those who are African-American, as to what it is like to be 'non-white'? Soon, I will be teaching a similar course through the Community College of Baltimore County and wish to use some of the material, if appropriate, for this topic there.

I wish to help bridge the gap between white and black in the United States. I wish to make inter-racial white and black couples not only 'acceptable' in our society, but looked upon without any prejudices.

Can you help?

With regards, your 'white allie'

QUESTION: Alleged Davy Crockett Speech, Not Yours To Give

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There is a speech attributed to Davy Crockett, Not Yours To Give that can be found all over the internet. It appears to have first surfaced and circulated (as legit) in print in the early 60s among right wing tax protest groups. It even found its way into the wikipedia entry on Davy Crockett and from there links to Texas Congressman Ron Paul's government website as a source, saying that it was Originally published in "The Life of Colonel David Crockett," by Edward Sylvester Ellis.

It states Crockett was so fond of this speech he had 100s of copies printed up, yet in my preliminary research I can find no record of it in the Register of Debates of the period at the Congressional Record website:

It apparently does not come from the only book Crockett co-authored, (he was functionally illiterate until late in his life and could only read and write marginally even then), but rather from this book, The Life of Colonel David Crockett, by Edward Sylvester Ellis, a man born long after Crockett died at the Alamo and who wrote mostly "dime novels" of the day:

Like this one:

I suspect this alleged "Crockett speech" is pure fiction. Can you verify it, or are my suspicions correct?

Thank you, Rad Refs.

UPDATE 9/23/2009:
We closed comments on this question because it became a flame/spam magnet.

QUESTION: Iraqi support for coalition forces

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I'm looking for information on the feelings and opinions of Iraqis, especially around support or non-support of coalition troops, supporting attacks on coalition troops, how many people feel their lives have improved since the invasion, etc.

More current information is of course better, but 1-2 year old information would be useful as well.

I know Iraqi support for the occupying forces is low, but I need quotable sources and more exact figures.


QUESTION: Music in Madison, WI during the 1960s

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I'm a library student at the UW-Madison, and I am trying to find local Madison music from the 1960s. It's for a project where we are trying to use "alternative" sources to recreate what life would have been like for students on campus during that decade, with all the political activity, anti-Vietnam war protests, campus bombings, draft dodging, student socialist groups, etc that was going on at the time. I thought music would be a great "alternative" source relative to traditional library materials, only I can't seem to find any music now! I do not want mainstream music, but rather local (to WI but preferably Madison) musicians, regardless of genre but activist in nature.
Can you please help??