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QUESTION: Music Books

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What is the ISBN for "200 of the Best Songs of the Bebop Era," Jazz Bible Fake Book Series, edited by Rob Duboff, Hal Leonard, publisher? There are four other books in the series, Ragtime, Swing, the 50's and the 70's, but this one went out of print suddenly a few years ago. I am a jazz musician and I like the selections of material and the layout of this series.

QUESTION: Radical History Graduate Programs

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I was wondering if anyone knows of graduate programs in history that lean to more radical left analysis of U.S. history and/or U.S. economic history. Thank you.

QUESTION: Tompkins Square Park/Labor History

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What was the first protest/event in Tompkins Square Park? When was the first labor movement protest?

QUESTION: Microwave Safety

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Please, do you know of info re: using a microwave being unsafe? If so, where would I find?

thank you

QUESTION: drug use

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i would like current stats on drug use by race/ethnicity in the u.s. specifically i am looking for what percentage of the whole population are white identified drug users, and what percentage of the whole population are black identified drug users?


QUESTION: crack cocaine

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i have a research paper on the side effects of vrack cocaine.what are the main ingredients?

QUESTION:book suggestions

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Hi. I'm searching for books for my daughter (age 15). Literature or non-fiction with a radical or at least alternative outlook on relationships - love - sex.

Thank you.

Great site.

QUESTION: Christine Quinn

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We (The Radical Homosexual Agenda) are doing a demonstration against Christine Quinn's support of the NYPD parade permit rules on 4/19/06. We are putting together a bulleted fact sheet of the various nefarious things that City council speaker Christine Quinn has supported. We have good documentation on her present support of the NYPD but we are looking for her previous support, notably as a member of Guiliani's blue ribbon panel convened in the aftermath of the Diallo shooting where she supported the cops. We are also looking for examples of her support of gentrifaction projects in the city, etc. Basically, we are wanting to point out her hypocrisy where she plays the gay card but she is really pro-police, pro-gentrification etc.

Thanks so much.

QUESTION: book reviews?

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I'm looking for book reviews for the book called "The Modern School Movement" by Paul Avrich. (1980).

I've already searched Lexis/Nexis, Proquest Direct, Proquest Historical New York Times, Wilson Select, and the Alternate Press Index.

My school, however, in not very strong in historical sources, so I was hoping someone who was could find me a review or two. Obviously, full text would be best, but I'd be very happy with citations, especially to scholarly history journals, if any exist.

Thanks a bunch!


QUESTION: Use of the term "complicity"

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Does the term "complicity" NECESSARILY imply involvement with wrongdoing? Can it be used to describe involvement with something whose virtue is irrelevant or yet to be determined?
I'm hoping you can cite some non-archaic examples or precedents where the word is used in a neutral, ambiguous, or nonjudgemental sense.