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QUESTION: documenting peer to peer practices in all social domains, where to find volunteers?

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Since November 2006, I have been documenting, through the wiki at, the emergence of open/free, participatory/p2p, and commons oriented social movements in all areas of social life. We (but mostly myself) have created 5,491 pages of documentation which have been viewed 1,732,364 times. I have often thought that only librarians might be really motivated by collaborating in such a project to build a free knowledge base, and my question is: how would I find the forums where I could appeal for such assistance.

QUESTION: globalization of U.S. communities

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The focus of our project is identifying the effects of globalization at the community level. We are trying to identify data and information resources that demonstrates trends in the internationalization (i.e. migration - including migrant sending and receiving countries/communities - and international trade patterns) and then tying those to a generation (last 15-20 years) of primarily neoliberal foreign and economic policy choices. The goal is identify 12 communities for further study on local impacts and the ways communities respond to the positive and negative aspects of these trends.

QUESTION: Ecology and Post-Colonialism Theory

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I am working on an article that attempts to think Colonialism and Imperialism as iterations of the ontological constitution of human vs. non-human. I would like help tracking down writers who deal with the correlation between the circumscription of the colonized peoples/lands and the circumscription of non-human life. Feel free to get in touch with more questions. And thanks for the work you all do. It is so important!

QUESTION: Sources on undocumented students and activism

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I am looking for any sources (preferably written, and preferably scholarly) on undocumented youth and activism. More broadly, stuff on undocumented youth in general from the last 10 years or so would be helpful. I am looking for books, journal articles, dissertations, etc - anything with "scholarly merit".

thanks, radical reference people!

QUESTION: secrecy

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Dear Sir, Can you direct me to scholarly(or leftwing, preferably both) studies of subject of Secrecy in all it's dimensions ? Not just limited to Government Secrecy.
I would love to get a list of web resources dealing with secrecy.
I would like to read about how Secrecy affects everything in a negative or positive way. The mention of any books, scholars working on the subject, the magazines or journals covering Secrecy would be helpful. I have heard a certain person named Mark Gerstein is writing a book on Secrecy and Daniel Ellsberg has written a forward and an afterword for it. I tried to find some information about the book. But Couldn't get it. I would be happy if you directed me to similar stuff dealing with Secrecy.

QUESTION: free breast exams in NYC for women under the age of 40/35?

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What places in NYC offer free breast exams for women under the age of 40 or 35? The only place I found that offers free mammograms will only do so for women ages 40+.

QUESTION: constitutionality of school uniforms in public schools

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Our local public school will be enforcing a mandatory "Campus Wear" uniform policy this year, for grades 7-12. The restrictions include socks and undershits (solid color socks and white t-shirt, no muscle undershirts). No embellishments are permitted. The size, color, length, style (no patch pockets, must have belt loops) and even the type of fabric are dictated for the pants. If a student fails to obide by the new restrictions, they will be sent home to change into the full uniform (including a mandatory black or brown belt of not excessive length, and receive an unexcused absence (F for the day). Since when can a public school deny a minor their education based on what they wear? How is it the school's authority to dress our young adults? What about skirts? How can the idea of "professional appearance" equal polo shirts and khaki pants? This sounds like Walmart clothes, not Lawyers attire. Is it constitutionally legal for a public school to restrict the clothing of a student (right down to their underwear) and do they have the authority to deny them an education based on their compliance? SEE this policy site: -a concerned parent from Sandusky Ohio

QUESTION: article 77, International convention of migrant workers

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I am trying to find information about article 77 of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families. Specifically, as of 2007 has any state made a declaration accepting this article?? (10 countries must accept it for the procedure laid out in it to enter into force).


QUESTION: mosquitoes

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How long do mosquitoes live (in the United States)?

QUESTION: publishing rights

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i'm interested in trying to get hugo gellert's 1934 book "marx's 'capital' in
lithographs" (New York, R. Long & R.R. Smith) republished.

i'd like to make it available in a popular edition with an introductory essay.

however, i can't seem to find any details about the imprint (which i
suspect doesn't exist anymore) and so i don't know who holds the rights to
the book. since it's from 1934, i'm not sure if it's yet in the public domain.

can you please tell me who holds the rights to this book?