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QUESTION: Articles on Russell Maroon Shoats' prison escape

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I'm trying to track down some articles for an imprisoned comrade.

1. He's looking for articles in Scranton, PA papers from march 4-6 , 1980 dealing with Russell Maroon Shoats' escape from Fairview State Hospital.

2. The text of a piece by Jalil Muntaqim entitled "On the B.L.A."

Thanks in advance!!


QUESTION: federal or state tax incentives for sustainable/renewable energy

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Do you know if there are any federal or state income tax incentives for homeowners who install/purchase use sustainable energy products for their households, like hybrid cars, solar energy panels, water saving devices and so on?

QUESTION: Plato's Apology for a prison inmate

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(From an email to [email protected])

Hello. You have helped me in the past. Kisses! My pen pal is on death row in Arkansas (qualifications to be there: be poor, black and mentally retarded).

He has asked me for a copy of the speech, Apology, by Plato. You know that guy?

He asked me to find it on the internet for him, so I think he is asking for the link. I don't think I'm allowed to mail in articles, I'm not sure.

QUESTION: Joseph Stiglitz recommendations for "making globalization work".

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What do people with a left perspective -- economists, sociologists, political scientists and others -- say about Joseph Stiglitz's recent book, Making Globalization Work? His criticism are not usually new. More important, his goal seems to be to save global capitalism by reforming its major institutions, those hardly subject to constraints by national states.
Could you recommend any non-technical articles or reviews of his book by left critics of Stiglitz's approach? We would prefer materials available on the internet, through libraries or websites? I found only a brief article by Gudynas on Stiglitz's earlier book via URPE. Many thanks.

QUESTION: systems of justice

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I am looking for sources about transformative justice. It is easier to find information about other kinds of reconsiliatory justice, because there are a few restorative justice programs being used by state programs. I know about several prison abolition organizing groups, but i am looking specifically for reading material on TRANSFORMATIVE JUSTICE. What are your suggestions?

QUESTION: race and social work

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What is the racial make up of social workers in the U.S.?

Also, what is the racial makeup of service seekers? Like welfare reciepients, or CPS?


QUESTION: Kangaroo / Exxon

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I thought read somewhere once that Kangaroo gas stations are owned by Exxon, but can't find that information now. Is it true that Kangaroo's parent company is Exxon? Thanks.

QUESTION: Alternative Economic Systems

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I am a graduate in Economics and Political Science at the University of Missouri Kansas City. I recently saw an interview of Noam Chomsky in which he pointed out that there was a great deal of literature that explain what an economic alternative to Capitalism might look like. As of yet I have had bad luck finding books or authors that deal with anarchist alternatives. I would like to know if you could be so kind as to tell me what books, authors or websites I could visit in order to satisfy my curiosity. I hope to hear from you whenever you get a chance.

QUESTION: posting a book

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Is it possible to add the following book to your reference section?


QUESTION: Crime rates and immigrants

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In a recent speech on the house floor - rep. Steve King of Iowa made the claim that 12 Americans are murdered by "illegal immigrants" every day. This number has been picked up by many anti-immigrant groups but King offers no source for this. By my math that would mean "illegal immigrants" commit over a quarter of all murders (which I have a hard time beliveing) - Could you prove or disprove this number? I have arguments going on many fronts with folks who say "A member of the house of representatives said it - it must be true!" -
thanks . . .