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QUESTION: World rates of vegetarianism

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What are the rates of vegetarianism in different countries and worldwide? I am particularly interested in whatever is known about rates of vegetarianism in Asia and Africa.

QUESTION: 1992 LA Uprising/Riots

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Hello RadReffers - I was looking for good resources about the L.A. Riots - specifically numbers and statistics of those detained, arrested and wounded - number of people, police and military involved - timelines/listings of targets (like the police station downtown?) - aftermath/reparations by city government (give us the hammer and the nails - bloods/crips plan the rebuild los angeles) and especially video archival footage resources or documentary films.

anything you can find helps - thank you

QUESTION: Kolkata and NGOs

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How are NGO's helping the lower socioeconomic people of Kolkata slums?

QUESTION: Libraries and Video games

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I'm studying for my MLS (only my 3rd class) and I need to write a paper on the pros and cons of libraries and video gaming. I thought there would be plenty on the topic but all I'm finding is video gaming is a positive and how to get your library involved. I can't find information on libraries/librarians against video gaming in libraries. Do you have any suggestions? Know of any articles? Suggestions on search terms (libraries/librarians/problems/controversy/issues/videogames/video games/electronic games (which video games are under) are appreciated also. I need about 6 articles on it.

Thank you

QUESTION: Peace Corps alternatives

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I've got two friends seeking "Peace Corps alternative" experiences with the basic parameters of 1-3 months in a Spanish-speaking country developing water infrastructure. Got suggestions?

QUESTION: Women in Guantanamo

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I'm trying to find information about female inmates in the American-run Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. I would like to know if any women have been held in Guantanamo since 2002 (I am not interested in female Haitian/Cuban refugees held prior to 1993). Thanks

QUESTION: Earthworm Castings

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I would like to know if the bacteria that are present in the castings of earthworms (particularly of red wigglers) are able to degrade petroleum chemicals.

QUESTION: Social, economic & political statistics & trends related to girls and young women in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Greetings! I am looking for assistance with finding statistics and trends related to the social, economic and political well-being of girls and young women in the Western Hemisphere and its sub-regions (Andean; Southern Cone; English, Dutch and French-speaking Caribbean, Central, South and North America. I am also trying to identify organizations within the region who are organizing to promote the voice and rights of girls and young women and/or building a progressive analysis or policy platform as it relates to advancing the interests of girls and young women. I appreciate your help and was delighted to learn about your organization at the U.S. Social Forum.

QUESTION: Soil Testing for Heavy Metals

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I'd like to know if there are any simple, low-cost, easy to use methods for detecting lead in soil. The process of detecting heavy metals in the soils in New Orleans is necessitating the use of University resources and I would like to find a way to detect lead (or other heavy metals, or petroleum chemicals) that all residents can use who aren't able to utilize the same resources.

Is there any such method?

QUESTION: Community Land Trusts

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Can anyone explain, in any way, the difference between a Community Land Trust (CLT) and a Community Development Corporation (CDC)? Pleeeezehelp!