RNC Weirdness

So. I guess being a radical librarian will ruffle a few feathers. Here is what a wacko posted on Indymedia:

RNC Raids

So. The weirdness has begun in the Twin Cities. We will be blogging about our days during the RNC convention.

Get Ready For The RNC!

UPDATE: Here's the wiki with all the info!

Référence Radicale

For your convenience, and that of Melissa and Lia at the IFLA conference in Ville de Québec, two versions of the Radical Reference flyer in French.

Raising Rebels exhibition

The Librarians' Internet Index this week pointed to a nifty collection of book covers from Syracuse University Library.

The Organic Industry

Dr. Philip Howard (Assistant Professor of Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies at Michigan State University) maintains information graphics on the structure of the organic industry. Looks like a good resource for other researchers and activists, as well as regular consumers like you and me. Who owns what? Who's merged with whom? And more! (Thanks to the Park Slope Food Coop's "Linewaiters' Gazette" for recently reprinting one of these graphics.)

Radical Cataloging

Jessamyn just turned me on to K.R. Roberto's new book, Radical Cataloging: Essays at the Front. Go out and buy one for every librarian that you know. Really, do it now!!

(admission: I've now added Jenna's feed because I woulda known about the book earlier if I'd just read the Lower East Side Librarian!!)

Rad Ref Blog-a-Thon in LJ

Rad Ref blogged on The Ericson Edition

I learned courtesy of a Google Alert of this nice blog post about Radical Reference, "File Under Progressive: Radical Librarians Catalogue for the Cause."

Radical Reference speaking at Spectrum Institute, 6/27/08

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