Radical Cheerleaders in Time Out New York

There is a short article with a picture of some Radical Cheerleaders in this weeks issue (January 12-18), and fellow Rad Reffer Cherie is quoted. The story is not on the website yet (looks like there is a lag), but it may appear in the future.

RR Library Education Forum website

Thanks to Gabe, the Library Education Forum website/wiki is up.

The Forum will be held at the Community Church of New York on Saturday, March 11, 2006. More details to come.

2005 Falsies Awards

The 2005 Falsies, courtesy of Center for Media and Democracy.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Cheat Sheet

Today a colleague printed out Paul English's IVR cheat sheet for the reference desk. Do you sometimes have to call customer service departments of large corporations?

Bicycling Resources page on Rad Ref site

For those of us in mass-transit-less NYC (and elsewhere!), remember the Bicycling Resources page on Rad Ref's Reference Shelf. You can also go directl

Boingboing zine issue #1

Hey all you zine lovers. Check this out. The uber-groovy blog Boingboing actually started out as a zine! Interesting to see the connection between zines and blogs.

Radref has a wiki!!

Hey y'all. Radical reference now has a wiki to keep track of and give workspace for our collaborative projects. The inaugural project is an Alternative Travel Guide for San Antonio inspired by Meredith Farkas' travel wiki for Chicago newbies.

Radical Reference and Interactivist Networks unite

Radical Reference and Interactivist Network are now united not just by their mutual political goals, but by marriage. On Sunday, November 20, 2005, Jenna Freedman (that's me) of Rad Ref and Eric Goldhagen of Interactivist made the big commitment in front of 200 friends and family members. Check out our geeky wedding website.

DIY Bike Panniers

I'm planning on beginning repairing my old spare bike starting this weekend. It's a big job. I'll need panniers for all-purpose carrying and commuting, and lots of rust removal strategies.

Here's a great page on DIY panniers

and bike Tune Up.

Annotations -- Alternative Press Center

I'm excited to see that Annotations: the Alternative Press Center's Guide to the Independent Critical Press is now available from, the same folks who distribute the Reading is Sexy gear.

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