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This was originally posted on Jessmyn West's This post from TechnoBiblio is talking about third spaces -- those places in our communities where people naturally gather -- and how librarians can use technologies to infiltrate those spaces. Two things stuck out for me: most "third spaces" mentioned were centered around consumer activity (Starbucks, cafes...); and there was mention of prisons as a third space for the economically disadvantaged in our society.

Are we becoming "Mybrarians" with this radical reference service? Are libraries 3rd spaces? Can this radical reference site be a virtual 3rd space? Thoughts?

Calling all radical library workers!

Shout Out to radical
library workers!

Library workers are launching
a project in support of the demonstrations surrounding the Republican National
Convention in New York City August 29-September 2, 2004. We will offer blog,
chat, street, and news reference, responding to questions from demonstrators.

Sound ambitious? It is,
so we need help.

Please contact
if you would like to:

  • answer e-mail reference
  • use your foreign language
    skills to answer questions and make the site more accessible
  • perform chat reference
  • participate in street
  • be a news librarian,
    teaching and researching for independent media journalists
  • help with the website
  • gather "Quick Facts
    & Contacts" info for street reference
  • rally together as library
    workers at the protests
  • send us money (for hats
    to identify us, materials, technical costs)

All will be welcome to
participate regardless of skill level or proximity to NYC. Indicate in your
message in which areas you will participate.

NOTE: our website is under
construction. We hope to have it ready to receive reference questions by the
end of the week.

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